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Daniel T. Ferrera is one of the most widely renowned living authors to contribute to the advancement of technical analysis, cycle studies, financial market forecasting, wave theory, Gann analysis, risk management, periodicity and Astrology.

Daniel Ferrera’s capacity for incisive analysis coupled with an ability to render abstract and complex materials into lucid and applicable financial tools places his works alongside many of the great market authors such as Gann, Elliott, Garrett and Andrews.

Early Years

Daniel T. Ferrera spent his childhood years growing up in Dearborn, Michigan. His first exposure to the world of markets was at the age of 10. During a 5th grade Junior Achievement project, Ferrera picked stocks from the Wall Street Journal to follow as an exercise in understanding mathematics.  The notion that one could simply make or lose money based solely upon changes in a stock’s price fascinated his young enquiring mind. Around a decade later the ability for markets to change the lives of many was demonstrated to him in force with the occurrence of the dramatic 1987 market crash. As a young adult, he overheard accounts from his parents’ wealthy friends who had lost millions of invested dollars as a result of the crash. What intrigued him the most about these conversations was the claims that “nobody had seen it coming”, and that if it could have been predicted it would have saved countless fortunes. It was these words that provided the young Ferrera with the impetus to immerse himself in a lifelong study of the markets.

Terra Incognita

With youthful enthusiasm and a desire to discover the causes behind this epic crash, Ferrera began studying the price structure and wave mechanics behind the markets. Where an older market researcher might defer to the wisdom of those who had come before them; Ferrera’s development was very much self-guided by youthful instincts, latent talent and advanced analytical faculties. It was this youthful independence and enthusiasm to find his own path towards understanding the markets that generated a new and comprehensive method in which to read market behavior and forecast probable scenarios. This new method represented a completely unique offering to the canon of market theory which had never been seen before.

Spirals of Growth and Decay

After 12 years of inspired research, analysis and application of his theories, Ferrera had developed a breakthrough theory of wave mechanics in the price structure of markets. This work was kept confidential and unreleased for many years, while Ferrera developed studies of the work of W.D. Gann, technical analysis, and risk management trading systems. In 2005, Ferrera finally agreed to release his work in one of the ICE’s flagship publications – The Spirals of Growth and Decay. The Institute of Cosmological Economics considers this course to be without a doubt Daniel T. Ferrera’s most unique and important published offering to the world of Market Forecasting and Analysis. It represents the essence of his life’s work in the study of financial markets. This work preceded and fueled all of his later offerings in the study of W.D. Gann and Technical Analysis.

Originally limited to only 50 copies, and recently rereleased for a larger edition; this book unravels the order behind the markets in its most pristine and exquisite beauty. The insights contained within this book provide a technical, structural vision of the simple elegance and ordering sequence behind all financial markets.

Ferrera illustrates the principles outlined in the book through application to 100 years of the Dow Jones, breaking down the ordering sequence to reveal an underlying morphogenetic field (or vibrational structure) that exists behind the apparent market structure. In many respects this course is akin to having a market road map, so that one can ascertain their location and direction in the fractal market fields, where the growth must be going, and the imminent structure to be revealed in the next phases of the markets – truly a profound insight.

Applying the Tools

Prior to sharing his core research and methods with a select group of readers through Spirals, Ferrera applied his methods within a larger investment context. From 1995 until 2001 he contributed his knowledge and insights to the investment firm A.G Edwards & Sons with marked successes. During this phase he made his first contact with the Institute of Cosmological Economics and was introduced for the first time to the work of Gann, Baumring, Bayer, and their related esoteric studies. Due to the intensive research he had conducted around his wave mechanic theory, when exposed to these new, and generally considered complex ideas, he found that he had a natural and deep technical understanding of the work of these market masters.

Understanding Gann

W.D. Gann
W.D. Gann

During this time, his research gravitated to the works of the great W.D. Gann. While Spirals demonstrated the elegance and beauty inherent in the markets it was not a forecasting tool per se that could be used in isolation. With a natural propensity for understanding market structure and the legacy of knowledge gained in his early years, Ferrera took to understanding the essential core of Gann’s teachings with astounding expedience. It was Gann’s exhaustive research into time and price forecasting that gave Ferrera important inroads to what was to come.

Over the next several years Ferrera’s Gann research was manifest in a series of deep enquiries into the methods and tools of this great master. As he studied this work for the first time, Ferrera documented his insight and application of each of Gann’s specific techniques, leading to published offerings which shed much needed light and modern approaches to many of the lesser known, or clearly explained Gann techniques such as:

  • The Square of Nine – The Gann Pyramid Square of Nine Essentials
  • Gann Forecasting Techniques – The Mysteries of Gann Analysis Unveiled!
  • Mass Pressure Charts – W. D. Gann’s Mass Pressure Forecasting Charts
  • Component Cycle Analysis & Summational Modeling – Wheels Within Wheels

His deeper study into the work of Gann also provided Ferrera with the impetus to understand the relationship between the Bible and astrology, primarily as the result of a friend asking him the question “Gann says that the Bible was the source of his wisdom, but how is it that Gann found this knowledge in the Bible?”  This led him to study this correlation the results of which were produced in his book on Astrological Bible Interpretation.

Keys to Successful Speculation

Through all of Ferrera’s work in analyzing the deep technical concepts presented in Gann’s complex work, Ferrera noticed that many traders still struggled with the idea of actually applying these insights to actual trading. Gann himself was famous as a highly successful trader, so Ferrera decided to do a close study of his trading methodologies and particularly his mechanical and Swing Trading systems.  Through this study, Ferrera discovered an underlying logic behind Gann’s mechanical systems which was capable of producing a high performance and nearly automated trading system. Using this as a foundation, Ferrera developed one of the most comprehensive works on Risk Management, trade placement, account management and general trading approaches incorporated into his Keys to Successful Speculation. This course presents even the novice trader with the critical foundations needed by ALL traders to become successful at their profession.  The clarity of his approach here has been recognized by fund managers and professionals as one of the most clearly presented teachings on risk and trade management in the industry.

Annual Outlooks

Fully equipped with the tools of Gann, Ferrera began to develop a series of annual forecasts in the form of his “Ferrera Outlooks”. Since the inaugural Outlook of 2008, Ferrera has provided outstanding value for money with these offerings. These forecasts have proven to be extremely beneficial for predicting the major market moves of the year. Highlights of his past forecast results consistently demonstrate accurate calls on major tops and bottoms months in advance.

Long Term Forecasting

As part of his teachings contained in Wheels Within Wheels, Ferrera constructed a long term cycle model to forecast the S&P 500 out to 2036. The following chart from the course presents a blow-up of the larger S&P 500 cycle model for the time period from 2000 thru 2008.

Jun 99 - Oct 09 Graph
Jun 99 – Oct 09 Graph

Ferrera Long-Range Forecast 2002 – 2008

The chart demonstrates that Ferrera perfectly called the 2002 bottom, the ensuing bull market, and nailed the October 2007 top to within 1 week, from a period 6 years prior. Those who had this book, and followed this forecast were out of the markets at the perfect time, at an all-time historical bubble high. Ferrera’s complete forecast from the Wheels course extends out for almost another 100 years, to 2108, past the time that any of us will even likely be alive.

Economic and Stock Market Forecasting

After seven long years of waiting since he wrote his last course The Spirals of Growth & Decay, the Institute of Cosmological Economics released his newest work, Economic & Stock Market Forecasting in 2013. This book contains new breakthroughs in his understanding of Gann’s most complicated and secretive forecasting methodology, what we would call Cyclical Periodicity Sequencing.

The chart above shows real Cycle Forecasts given in Ferrera's Outlooks based upon Gann's 8/8/1908 time factor presented in this course.
The chart above shows real Cycle Forecasts given in Ferrera’s Outlooks based upon Gann’s 8/8/1908 time factor presented in this course.

The intent of Ferrera’s new course is to present the logic and application of Gann’s science of Mathematical Sequences of periodic market patterns. Ferrera teaches how to use this Mathematical Sequencing in conjunction with Gann’s “cycle theory” in order to forecast the general economy, stock market, or individual stocks, by identifying the expected periodic sequences of market action coming in both the immediate and long-term future. Ferrera also provides a Key Options Strategy which generates high yield returns with extremely limited risk, allowing traders to take advantage of these forecasts for both intermediate-term and long-term trading.  The course presents new material and a breakthrough insight into one of Gann’s very deepest levels of analysis, which to our knowledge, has never been clearly explained before this course.

Economic and Stock Market Forecasting
W. D. Gann’s Science of Cyclical Periodicity Sequencing
Daniel T. Ferrera
The intent of this course is to explain Gann’s science of Mathematical Sequencing of periodic market patterns, and how it works in conjunction with Gann’s Cycle Theory, in order to forecast the general economy, stock market, or individual stocks.

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