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we will talk about Gann trading methods using Gann Squares :

We will talk about every one step by step…

First …what is the meaning of the square.!!


Square it is an old method to arrange numbers like the pyramid style like this photo

Lets imagine this pyramid have spiral style and we put number (1) at the top of pyramid then add (1) we will move to level 2 and we will end this level by number 9 then we will add 1 and start by level 3 by the number 10 and will be ended in number 25 …….

Take look at Michael Jenkins Books

Every level of numbers it will be called (Numeral Rotate).(Spiral Rotate.)

Every time we get lower the rotate will expand and every time we get higher rotate will be more nearest together . (By Default)

We call This Arrangement method by Square of 9 .

Ok now where is the benefit by this…more people asking…

Price of CFD’s forex indices metals……

All of them are numbers..and all of this numbers have a places on the square of 9 and it will be on the square of 9 angles or between of this angles…

What is The Square Angles…??

If We divide the square into equals parts we will have this angles and this photos will make the idea more clear..

This shape name is square look for the red lines it divide the square into quadrant (the first angle which reflect the price will be 90)

This shape is triangular the square divided into 3 equals parts the first angle which reflect the price is angle 120 .

This shape is pentacle (divide the square into 5 equals parts .) the first angle reflect the price is 72 (360\72)=5= five parts >every rotate divided into 5 parts.

By default this angles will work like support and resistance levels and it will have more strength on price movements and we can put it on the chart by this algorithm:

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