Gann Squares Trading Methods | Free Courses PART 2


6-Nonagone :
and it’s angles is : 40-80-120-160-200-240-280-320-360

And it’s angles is : 51.4-102.8-154.2-205.7-257.1-308.571-360 8-Hexagone:
And it’s Angles is:
And it’s angles is: 45-90-135-180-225-270-315-360 10-Decimal:
And it’s angles is: 36-72-108-144-180-216-252-288-324-360

Now ..How to draw Shapes:

The Basic Rule that we will follow Time Should be divider or multiply result of angle value

And this which will let us choose correct angle for the nearest levels.

For example if we have price reflected from angle 72 or 90 and they are near together we will set the channel shape and show the time 72 or 90 if price reflected after 72 candle we choose angle 72 if price reflected from time 90 we will choose angle 90 as basic angle .

Note we are doing that just when we have basic angle are near together..

Basic Shape Types:

1-levels :
We can work with it in (linear and circular shapes ) without any adds on .

We can work with it on any shape by the rule of time and price

After price break first angle that reversed from it at first time we will wait price to test that level and we will enter our order like this example in (1) :

At this situation price break the channel limit we will the change the shape from channel to diamond it will give us more clear look >>

And we call this shape a diamond . 3- Diamond:
Look at points :

  • 1-price break channel here
  • 2-moved to the time separator and reverse from it (time reverse).
  • 3-5-6- is time reversing points (intersections between diamond lines .
  • 4- is diamond line it work as support \resistance points.
  • 7-Diamond Break Point (Price Get Out Of diamond) it could happen only from theright side of diamond if it happened from up or down trust that your draw will be wrong .Look and note that we will wait price to get out from this orange zone to predict next price movement triangle as next photo:

Look at movement triangles predictions every one break out (we predict price will move inside):



4- Gann Fan 1/2 :
Is a shape that can be used with any shape to have another good look
And it’s lines will work like support \ resistance points >
Shape tool that will give you nearest arcs that may price walk on like a road by it’s move.

6-Gann Grid:
It is same as channel but with an addition of Gann grid to it .

* Note That Basic Method in this analyzes by defining the cluster zones (and it is intersections between time frames to have the best reversal points.

* Vibration number can used with correction waves count..
* any pips up to level or down to it they will be same on the next level.
This is general explain about trading by Square of 9 and the training is your key for success.

Trading with square of 144:

Square of 144 is The king of squares as Gann Said in his books and it is a rare method that we search for it in many books to find the best ways to trade on …and it is one of most strongest strategies ever …

What is Square of 144:

Square of 144 is a square we are drawing on chart by width of 144 candles and height about 3 height of first reversal …

Square divided into 9 section by default by 2 vertical zones and 2 horizontal zones…

Vertical zones is time separator that is reversal times…. If price before it going upside after it will be down side

Four time separators .

The horizontal zones is support and resistance zones ..

By general we work on it by this way:
1-we will put it at the start wave by the range of 144 candles 2-Put first red horizontal line at the first wave correction 3-wait for entry point…. As this three methods :

A : break the first gray zone we enter market with target of second gray zone .

B : wait for time separator and approve it in any other analyze to enter reverse to the trend side.

C : wait for fans extensions break to enter market with target of second fan .


This photos explained all what we said ……

Shepherd Gann Square Indicator Explain :

This indicator is numeral analyzing tools it will draw many shapes for square of 9 and draw square of 144 it will let you draw 144 levels and sq9 level (gann calculator live on chart)

It will draw camarilla and pivots levels for current day . It will give you ability to receive price and time alarms. And many other features ….

Using In Square of 9 :

1-Vibration Number and it is the basic number of start point for example
If start point is 1.54966 > basic number of it = 1+5+4+9+6+6 = 31=3+1=4
2-Square OF (it’s color will changed between green and red to detect server connection . 3-change the square type 144\9
4-minimize button it will hide the control panel
5-extension panel button it will hide \ view extended panel
6-square of 9 control area
7-shape description.

Part 2 :

1- Close Button. It will hide all draws by indicator from the chart
2- Reset current time frame settings (it will move start point to high or low) Reset settings for all time frames. (clear all of 3- them data)
4- Draw pivot points it is numeral levels calculated from last day high\close\low

5 – Draw camarilla levels

6- Draw fibo zone from higher time frame (zone considered between 0.382-0.618 of bar range)

7- Draw alarm (it will alert and send push notify for time or price )

8- Levels of 144 it is static levels that are attractive levels

9- Levels of static sq9 levels it is calculated as the Gann calculator method from this website and it can be used for scalping



1-symbol info (tick value /spread)

2-account info.
Using in Square of 144:

  1. 1-  Slow moving for horizontal levels.
  2. 2-  Fast moving for horizontal levels.
  3. 3-  Square of 144 objects…..

This numbers is the time remaining for current bar to be closed.

It is explained in the product page..on mql5.

This indicator has three versions:

1- This version for MT4 and it is paid contain Square of nine and Square of 144

2-This version is free MT4 version it differences on paid version the paid version has square of 144 and sq9 static levels.

3-MT5 paid version:

all of them have 144 static levels too and many numerals analyzing tools. **How to Buy Or install it on your Metatrader platform

Follow this steps :
1-creat an account in this website by your email address
2-log in with it in you trading platform as photo

4-open indicator url or open your platform market like this photo :


Then you can but it with any method:

You can try the free version it have all sq9 function:

Don’t forget please to add review from mql5 website for this products free and paid :


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