Group Buys

Hello all members of community!

We will help you to save a lot of money to buy an expensive courses with join in the Group Buys on Ebookfee for new release products. We commit that you will be the first owners of the courses and they will not be shared in anywhere. Please read carefully all the info – benefits, rules, how it works. Please contact us if you have any concern or problem.


OnGoing Group Buys

The purpose of this section to ensure our members to enjoy the best price that we can offer. So, for each individual course, we will let you know as following :

  • Course name
  • Course author
  • Sale page link (In some specific cases, there will be no sale page)
  • Course price
  • Pledge amount
  • Total number of Contributors
  • Ongoing update (such as bonus, weekly call coaching…)
  • When it can be available

– Please allow us to have 1-2 weeks for digital products to buy  setup link for you to download. In some worst cases, it could be longer but maximum is 4 weeks and for paper products 4 weeks up to 8 weeks from the date we collect enough amount from our Contributors, we will send the download Mega links to your email as soon as OGB complete. In some due causes, if the GB is failed, we will refund back to ensure that you satisfy with our services.

– At any time if you find the link is dead, please do let us know and we will fix it immediately for you.

– Last but not the least, admin will arrange organizer and we ensure our GB Contributors as well as our Organizer identity is never revealed.

As you saw we are working well on & so there will not be any fraud occurred. We are trying to finish OGBs asap. I’m sure you joined to our GBs was the right decision. Before joining please see note below:

Note: We will not refund Paypal transactions for the mutual benefit of the community. We do not want to mess things up because we can not solve for an individual. More importantly it will deprave my Paypal account.