Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting


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Louise McWhirter

Book : Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting

Included in McWhirter Theory of Stock Market Forecasting are the author’s proven theories and numerous, fully-explained and detailed examples for using astrology to: Forecast Business Cycles and Stock Market Trends Forecast Trends of Individual Stocks Forecast Monthly and Daily Trends on the New York Stock Exchange About this book, Astro-Finance expert and Astro-Software developer Alphee Lavoie says: “Louise McWhirter s market trading system ranks among the top few that I know of in the field of financial astrology. Reviving this book and making it available again to the public at large is a true gift. If you are a trader or considering venturing into this exciting field, then this book really needs to be on your mobile and I promise you . . . if you read it once, it won t sit on the shelf collecting dust!”


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