Building Winning Trading Systems with TradeStation


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George Pruitt

John R. Hill

Book : Building Winning Trading Systems with TradeStation


Praise for BUILDING WINNING TRADING SYSTEMS with TradeStation (TM) “This book will prove vital to all systematic traders. Pruitt and Hill share a wealth of innovative timing patterns and fully disclosed trading strategies. For TradeStation(TM) users, there are powerful tutorials on indicator design and system building. The authors′ vast expertise will benefit even practiced TradeStation(TM) veterans.” –Nelson Freeburg Editor, Formula Research “TradeStation(TM) systems traders will discover a virtual gold mine of knowledge, guidance, and the benefit of vicarious experience from the two foremost experts on the subject in this valuable new addition to trading systems literature. There has long been a notable lack of worthwhile reference material for TradeStation(TM) users, and Building Winning Trading Systems with TradeStation(TM) fills a large void in this area.” –Edward Dobson President, Traders Press, Inc. “Building Winning Trading Systems with TradeStation(TM) is filled with useful information and practical real–world examples. I believe TradeStation 6(TM) users will find it a valuable resource.” –Bill Cruz Co–CEO, TradeStation(TM) Group, Inc.

“Building Winning Trading Systems With TradeStation” is brand new and probably the best ‘Intro to EasyLanguage’ currently available other than the manuals TradeStation itself offers. The title suggests it is a strategy book, but the ‘strategy’ section is only about 50 pages of a 375 page book. The rest of the text is a good intro to TradeStation, EasyLanguage and trading, including tips on debugging, performance reports, StopLoss exits and other somewhat obscure topics.
Other EasyLanguage guides are somewhat dated (though, I still find them interesting). Check out “Ask Mr. EasyLanguage” and “Using Easy Language” if you want to comparison shop.
Much of the book can be found elsewhere, particularly the online TradeStation manuals. 90 pages of appendix comes straight from the online ‘EasyLanguage Reference Guide’ (a pdf file). What is unique about the book is the ‘system development’ perspective. The online guides offer little or no help developing trading systems.
The CD contains the code described in the book. The code could have been put on 2 floppy disks, but I guess a CD is cheaper and saves space.
Table of Contents:
1. Fundamentals (What is EasyLanguage?) pg 1-29
2. EasyLanguage Program Structure pg 30-38
3. Program Control Structures (if-then-else) pg 39-51
4. TradeStation Analysis Techniques pg 52-75
5. System Performance pg 77-108
6. Trading Strategies pg 109-156
7. Debugging pg 157-166
8. Research topics pg 168-193
9. Percent Change Charts (Jan Arps) pg 194-200
10. Options pg 201-227
11. Interviews with EasyLanguage Developers pg 228-276
12. Appendix pg 283-380
13. Index pg 381-389


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