Cashing in on Wall Street’s 10 Greatest Myths


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Richard Lackey

Book : Cashing in on Wall Street’s 10 Greatest Myths

What Wall Street pros really say behind closed doors

Investor behavior is driven by well-known “truths” which often have little basis in fact, are usually misapplied and misunderstood by brokers and investors, and can negatively impact long-term investment performance.

“Cashing In on Wall Street’s Ten Greatest Myths “examines the most well-known of these, telling investors which are nonsense while uncovering core concepts that have always provided the safest path to building wealth.

Wall Street veteran Richard Lackey begins each chapter by detailing a particular myth, explains its flaws, and then reveals how investors can use the kernels of truth in the myth to make profitable investment choices. Valuable sections include: Secrets of “going short” that pros use every dayWhy diversification can be bad–and how to make it workWhat to look for to consistently find benchmark-beating stocksWhy mutual funds aren’t as safe as everyone thinksHow to use options to boost income or protect a portfolio


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