Complete Stock Market Trading And Forecasting Course (Study Course)

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Michael Jenkins is a serious, highly successful, professional trader. In his two books, Geometry of the Stock Market and Chart Reading For Professional Traders, he shares some of his ideas on how he trades. Hungry for more of his ideas and direction, many of his readers literally begged for more. Jenkins has written this complete course in response to these requests. In his books, Jenkins explains, among other concepts, how he uses some of Gann’s methods and techniques, but he never mentions Gann. In this course, by contrast, he specifically states that many of the ideas are those originally developed by Gann, and he goes into great detail on how he personally uses these ideas and techniques. One might almost view this course as a course on trading Gann’s ideas, as expanded and refined by an active, successful trader. If you want a detailed, in depth course on how to use Gann in your own trading, this may prove to be what you have been seeking all this time. Among the topics covered in depth, you will find: –>Gann’s Square of 9 –>Gann’s Astrological Methods –>Charting Methods –>Volume analysis –>Angles and their proper use –>Time and Price Squared –>Arcs –>Support and Resistance –>Time Cycles –>Waves –>Mirror Image Foldbacks –>Day Trading Theory and Practice –>Setups –>Advanced applications

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