Cyclical Market Forecasting Stocks and Grain

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James Mars Langham

Book : Cyclical Market Forecasting Stocks and Grain

Black Suede Hardcover with Gilt Lettering! 1938 191 8x11p. A Complete Course of Instruction in an Original & Proven System. A New Volume Dealing with the Long Trends, Short Trends, and Grain Forecasting. Langham’s Superb Second Volume. Contents: How Planets Effect Economic Trends; Technical Information; Which Aspects Are Bearish & Bullish; Major Market Trends, Which Combinations Cause Them; Chain Effects, Power of a Chain or Sequence of Formations; Long Term Indicators; Neptune; Heliocentric Positions & Effects; DJIA; Sun Spots Correlations; Short Swing Indicators; Minor Planets; Tape Indications; Line Formations; Direction; Diverging Averages; Triple Tops; Eclipses; Ingresses; Lunations; Panics; Inflation; Grain Forecasting; Key Points of Zodiac; Short Swing Indicators; How To Erect Ingresses On Lunation Charts; geocentric Longitudes.



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