Day Trading Strategies, Book One


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Eduard Smith

Ebook: Day Trading Strategies, Book One 

Are you interested in learning day trading strategies? If yes, then this is the right book for you!

In day trading, traders keep their titles for one day only. Day trading focuses on buying and selling stock during the same day; that’s why its techniques and tips are different from the other types of trading. A successful day trader is the one who can take advantage of little movements in the prices of stock by playing around them in the right way. This game may appear to be dangerous for the newbie traders who generally don’t like to adhere to a well-formulated strategy. However, anyone who wishes to make money with day trading should have a better strategy on how to predict the trend in prices of the stock to maximize profits.

When day trading is done right, it allows you to use your time the way you want rather than being chained to a desk all day or any other 9 to 5 job. If you want to travel the world and explore new cultures, then this career should be a serious consideration. If you want the freedom to dictate what you do with your time, then this career should be an option for you. If you want an income that far surpasses anything you can earn in the regular grind, then this career is for you.

You have to make this work for you, and that ability is what separates amateur options day traders and the professionals. Nothing is preventing you from capturing that success for yourself except you.

This book covers:

Challenges and Rewards

Why Do Most Day Traders Lose?

The Necessary Edge

Getting started: Self-Evaluation

Choosing What to Trade

…And much more!



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