DayTrading with Price Action – Galen Woods

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Video Course : DayTrading with Price Action – Galen Woods

Do You Want To Day Trade Profitably ?

A Clear, Concise, Consistent Trading Course

✔ Frustrated and confused by what you learnt about trading?
✔ Wasting your time reading thick trading manuals of fluff?
✔ Feeling sick when your trading account goes up and down like a roller-coaster?
If you answered yes to any of the above, read on.
Galen Woods’ “Day Trading with Price Action” self-study course gives you 10 years of price action trading insights in a concise and practical step-by-step guide.
Start learning instantly, at your own pace.

After Completing This Course, You Can:


Turn Profitable

Analyse the market with price action, control your risk, and master your emotions – a complete approach to find profitable trades.
  • Make the Trend Work for You
    Map out the market structure with only trend lines and swing pivots – find the market working for your positions.

    Enter the Market Confidently

    Includes 7 highly-effective price patterns to limit your risk while the market moves in your favour.
  • Trade Better Than Machines
    Trump mechanical trading rules with your flexibility. Discretionary trading at its best.

    Learn Quickly

    Recognise the price patterns right now with NinjaTraderTM price action indicators.

    Start Trading Instantly

    Save your time with templates and references for your price action trading plan.

Forget the Hype and Really Learn

Propel your day trading skills with price action techniques and learn the real way to attain sustainble profits.

Get 4 PDF Course Books that cover everything from price trends to price action patterns.
✔ Volume I – Market Perspectives
✔ Volume II – Market Bias
✔ Volume III – Price Patterns
✔ Volume IV – Positive Expectancy


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