Dynamic Trading Indicators: Winning with Value Charts and Price Action Profile


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David Stendahl

Mark Helweg

Book : Dynamic Trading Indicators: Winning with Value Charts and Price Action Profile

Using the insights that stem from value charts and price action profiles, Dynamic Trading Indicators shows traders how to develop systems and whole trading programs that implement these exciting new tools. Through an in-depth exploration of how to effectively use these new technical indicators in a complete trading system, Dynamic Trading Indicators provides a framework that allows readers to obtain a view of what a stock will most likely do next. This innovation in chart design opens up new vistas for traders and unlocks the door to unlimited profits.

New technology and the advent of around the clock trading have opened the floodgates to both foreign and domestic markets. Traders need the wisdom of industry veterans and the vision of innovators in today’s volatile financial marketplace. The Wiley Trading series features books by traders who have survived the market’s ever changing temperament and have prospered-some by reinventing systems, others by getting back to basics. Whether a novice trader, professional or somewhere in-between, these books will provide the advice and strategies needed to prosper today and well into the future.

Mark W. Helweg has worked and traded on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade and, earlier in his career, partnered with an international CTA with over $40 million under management to research new trading system technology.

David C. Stendahl is cofounder of RINA Systems, a software provider for systematic traders. Stendahl is the author of Profit Strategies: Unlocking Trading Performance with Money Management.

From the Inside Flap

In today’s volatile market, traditional price charts alone may not be able to provide the information you need to make optimal trading decisions. Financial experts Mark Helweg and David Stendahl recognize this problem and have developed two innovative market analysis tools-Value Charts and Price Action Profile-that will allow you to trade the stock, bond, currency, and futures markets with poise and confidence.

Dynamic Trading Indicators: Winning with Value Charts and Price Action Profile provides a comprehensive introduction to these two powerful and exciting new technical indicators and shows you how to develop systems and trading programs that implement them.

Through accessible language and real-world examples, this book will teach you how to read Value Charts and benefit from their quantifiable market insights. Your trading skills and profits will increase as you use Value Charts to measure the value of any given market and begin to buy into it at undervalued or oversold price levels. You’ll also learn how to use Value Charts in tandem with Price Action Profile to determine the degree to which a market is overvalued (overbought) or undervalued (oversold).

After explaining the basics of Value Charts and Price Action Profile, Dynamic Trading Indicators moves ahead and explores the everyday uses of these market analysis tools in regard to your own trading activities. Practical and informative chapters show you how to:
* Identify low-risk trading opportunities in numerous markets with Value Charts and Price Action Profile
* Improve your overall trading strategy by integrating Value Charts and Price Action Profile with other technical indicators
* Create trading systems by utilizing a whole new set of quantifiable values that stem from Value Charts and Price Action Profile
* Develop and improve pattern recognition trading strategies
* Track thousands of markets and identify good buying or selling opportunities
* Minimize market risk and systemic risk when accumulating stock

Not all charting techniques are created equal. Dynamic Trading Indicators proves this with the introduction of Value Charts and Price Action Profile. Take this opportunity to understand two of the most revolutionary trading indicators currently available and unlock the door to unlimited profits.

From the Back Cover

Praise for Dynamic Trading Indicators

Winning with Value Charts and Price Action Profile

“The authors have introduced a new idea in charting-the Value Chart. Their expertise in technical analysis and in designing and testing trading systems around this new charting concept makes this book a must- read for all stock and futures traders.”

-Lawrence G. McMillan

President, McMillan Analysis Corp.

author of McMillan on Options

“Understanding the true overbought and oversold nature of a market or trading vehicle is essential. This book enlightens you to new techniques that are applicable for active traders such as myself. I would recommend this book to any serious trader.”

-Robert Deel

CEO of TradingSchool.com

author of Trading the Plan and The Strategic Electronic Day Trader

“Mark and David continue to demonstrate their uncanny ability to identify the trading techniques that offer the greatest opportunities for success. Their understanding of strategy trading, market timing, and risk management is invaluable for the novice and experienced trader alike.”

-Mike Burke

|author of Getting Started Trading Options

“This innovative approach to chart reading will help every active trader-and even novice investors-have a better read on the markets and, therefore, a better shot at major market profits.”

-John Boyer

Vice President, Traders Library


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