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Leigh Stevens

Ebook: Essential Technical Analysis

An Introduction to Technical Analysis from One of the Top Names in the Business

“Essential Technical Analysis is a highly valued resource for technical traders. The importance of comprehensive and well-researched market behaviors, indicators, and systems were well expressed graphically with many examples. No technical analyst should be without this book. Stevens’s book could become another classic.”
-Suri Duddella, President of siXer.cOm, inc. (Forbes magazine’s “Best of the Web” in Technical Analysis Category)

“Essential Technical Analysis will give the new student of technical analysis a good overview of both classical chart patterns and a myriad of technical indicators, but so will many other texts. What sets this volume apart is that it presents the subject in the context of real-world trading situations, not idealized well-chosen examples. Books on technical analysis, especially those aimed at novices, are typically filled with charts in which the selected patterns are both unambiguous and work perfectly. As Leigh Stevens recognizes and confronts, however, the real world is a far more sloppy place: charts may often contain conflicting indicators, and patterns don’t always work as described. Reading Essential Technical Analysis is like sitting beside a veteran technical analyst and having him describe his methods and market experiences.”
-Jack Schwager, author of Market Wizards, Stock Market Wizards, and Schwager on Futures

“Leigh Stevens’s depth of experience, acquired over many years, has generated a deep understanding of, and commitment to, the discipline of technical analysis. He is also one of those rare individuals who have both the ability to convey the essence of his ideas in a wonderfully simple and straightforward way and through the use of personal anecdotes and experiences. There are not many people around who can both walk the walk and talk the talk.”
-Tony Plummer, author of Forecasting Financial Markets, Director of Rhombus Research Ltd., and former Director of Hambros Bank Ltd. and Hambros Investment Management PLC

“Leigh Stevens brings his considerable years of experience to this project. He has crafted a real-world book on technical analysis that gives you the benefit of his trials and errors as well as 120 years of observations and market wisdom from Charles Dow to the latest indicators and approaches. Investors who suffered from the bursting of the technology bubble in 1999 and 2000 should read Essential Technical Analysis from cover to cover and learn to apply the lessons to the next market cycle.”
-Bruce M. Kamich, CMT, past President of the Market Technicians Association and Adjunct Professor of Finance at Rutgers University and Baruch College


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