Face Facts America or Looking Ahead to 1950

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W.D. Gann

book : Face Facts America or Looking Ahead to 1950

With the greatest war in the history of the world raging and man’s inhumanity to man the greatest that has ever been known, with the Germans ruthlessly destroying women and children and showing no mercy, it becomes the duty of everyone who can by word, deed or act do anything to aid the United States to protect America’s interest in the future. I write this with a desire that the truth will help because holding on to hope has ruined other countries and will ruin the United States if it is continued.
In 1927, when I wrote “The Tunnel Thru the Air or Looking Back From 1940,” by the use of time cycles that I have discovered through knowledge gained in reading the Bible, I foresaw what would happen and it has all come true. Unbelievable weapons of death and airplanes making five to six hundred miles per hour are being used in the war. All of these things I predicted in “The Tunnel Thru the Air” in 1927.
I wrote then to try and help and I write now to tell the truth to those who can and will believe and act. If I can wake up a few people to realize that they must do something to help save liberty and Christianity in our great country, then I will not have written in vain I believe in God and in the law of compensation I advise everyone to read the Book of Revelation and they will see how this terrible war was predicted. People should read the Bible more, especially the books of Solomon and
Proverbs, and follow the wise counsel and try to gain knowledge.


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