Four-dimensional Stock Market Structures and Cycles; In Two Volumes


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Bradley F. Cowan

Bradley F. Cowan

Bradley F. Cowan is an Electrical Engineer who worked as a consultant on a variety of civilian and classified military projects including the Seawolf attack submarine, the FA-18 fighter aircraft, global positioning satellites, Sparrow missile, and others.

It did not take long for Mr. Cowan to apply his studies of engineering, psychology, and physics to financial markets and to permanently retire from engineering in his early 30’s.

In September 1993 Mr. Cowan published the first of his books Four-Dimensional Stock Market Structures and Cycles. This work represented some of the discoveries he made in his early 20s and which he had been successfully using for years in his personal trading. In 1995 Mr. Cowan published two additional books, Market Science Volumes I and II, which expanded the concepts presented in his first book and applied them to the soybean market. The Rare Writings of W D Gann is another Books which contains some of the most valuable WD Gann Courses ever written by the father of technical analysis.

In December 2009 he released his first new book in 15 years, Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory, introducing a new method of applying the pentagram to forecast time cycles.

Book : Four-dimensional Stock Market Structures and Cycles; In Two Volumes 

Four-Dimensional Stock Market Structures and Cycles is the first set of 2 books and contains the first ten lessons in the 4 book course.

Although the stock market is used for examples, the techniques are universal and can be applied to any market.

This award-winning home-study course teaches market analysts how to make accurate financial market models predicting price-time action years into the future. These techniques combine geometry with cycle analysis to pinpoint turns in both price and time. There are workbook-like questions/answers producing price and time projections with accuracy better than one percent.

One example of the results obtained by applying the techniques taught in this course is shown below where a five-year model of the stock market is shown that was created in February 1984 using these techniques. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is shown below the graph for comparison to what actually happened after this model was made.


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