Getting Started in Advanced Options, Illustrated Edition

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Michael C. Thomsett

Ebook: Getting Started in Advanced Options, Illustrated Edition

In Getting Started in Advanced Options, Illustrated Edition, bestselling author Michael C. Thomsett uses nontechnical, easy-to-follow language to demystify the options markets, distinguishing the imagined risks from the real ones and arming investors with the facts they need to make more informed decisions. This illustrated edition includes colourful illustrations, including charts and graphs that make complex subject matter easy to understand. Fully updated to cover the latest changes in the markets, the book introduces advanced strategies and concepts that every successful trader needs. It covers how options can reduce risk, spread strategies, hedges and straddles, swing trading with options, options on futures and indexes, synthetic positions based on options, risks and taxes, choosing stocks for options trading, and more.

  • An ideal illustrated companion volume to Michael C. Thomsett’s Getting Started in Advanced Options
  • Updated to include the latest changes and newest information on the markets
  • Loaded with easy-to-understand graphs, charts, and other illustrations

This new illustrated addition to the Getting Started In series makes advanced options trading easy to understand with clear examples, handy illustrations, and plain-English explanations.



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