Getting Started in Hedge Funds


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Daniel A. Strachman

“Getting Started in Hedge Funds,” Second Edition removes the veil of secrecy surrounding hedge funds and provides investors with a complete and highly accessible introduction to the world of hedge funds. Filled with comprehensive updates and additions, Getting Started in Hedge Funds, Second Edition offers readers the latest information about this continuously growing area of finance. It outlines how hedge funds operate, guidelines for choosing a hedge fund, strategies for fund managers, new investors can get in on the action, and much more. Unlike the technology bubble of the late twentieth century, which lasted a mere three years, hedge funds are here to stay and Getting Started in Hedge Funds, Second Edition has everything readers need to know to benefit from this lucrative investment vehicle.


Introduction: Why Hedge Funds?

Chapter 1: Hedge Fund Basics.

The Near Collapse of Long-Term Capital Management.

A Brief History of Hedge Funds.

The Current State of the Hedge Fund Industry.

Alfred Winslow Jones—The Original Hedge Fund Manager.

Chapter 2: How Hedge Funds Operate.

Starting a Hedge Fund.

Hedge Fund Regulations and Structures.

How Hedge Funds Use Leverage.

Patriarchs of the Hedge Fund World.

Hedge Funds Take All the Heat.

George Soros—The World’s Greatest Investor.

Chapter 3: The Managers.

Judy Finger and Doug Topkis—Haystack Capital LP.

David Taylor and Mike Williams—Cover Asset Management LLC.

Paul Reiferson and Jeff Lopatin—Americus Partners LP.

Guy Wyser-Pratte—Wyser-Pratte.

Bill Michaelcheck—Mariner Investment Group.

Nancy Havens-Hasty—Havens Advisors LLC.

Steve Cohen—SAC Capital.

Chapter 4: Hedge Fund Investing.

An Investment Adviser.

An Institutional Investor.

Third-Party Marketers.

An Individual Investor.

A Consulting Firm.

A Manager of Managers.



Hedge Fund Strategies.





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