Getting Started in Options, 7th Edition


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Michael C. Thomsett

Book : Getting Started in Options, 7th Edition

Discover the Dynamic World of Options Investing

Getting Started In Options

Seventh Edition

Many people fail to capitalize on the potentially lucrative opportunities that options present, simply because they don’t fully understand how options work. But with Getting Started in Options, Seventh Edition, author Michael C. Thomsett looks to change this.

Written in a straightforward and accessible style, Getting Started in Options, Seventh Edition provides you with a solid foundation in this field, and will help you become fully familiar with one of today’s most important investment vehicles. Each page of this informative guide addresses essential options issues, including how to:

Identify your own risk tolerance levels and decide how to effectively incorporate options into your own portfolio

Master options terminology and concepts

Use options in a powerful insurance strategy to protect against losses in stock investments

Perform “paper trades” before putting real money at risk

Utilize the many new online resources available to you

Understand time values, striking price, and expiration

Besides new examples, updated charts, and timely investor tips, this latest edition also includes important new chapters that reflect ongoing innovations within the options market, such as the many uses of options beyond their obvious buying and selling functions, different methods available to calculate returns on options trades, and much more.

You don’t need to be a financial expert to make it in the world of options, but you do need to be well informed. With Getting Started in Options, Seventh Edition as your guide you’ll quickly discover how to make options work for you.


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