High-Profit IPO Strategies: Finding Breakout IPOs for Investors and Traders


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Tom Taulli

Book : High-Profit IPO Strategies: Finding Breakout IPOs for Investors and Traders

A detailed guide to the new era of IPO investing

Typically generating a great deal of interest, excitement, andvolatility, initial public offerings (IPOs) offer investors andtraders with opportunities for both short-term and long-termprofits. In the Third Edition of High-Profit IPOStrategies, IPO expert Tom Taulli explains all facets of IPOinvesting and trading, with a particular emphasis on the industriesthat are fueling the next generation of IPOs, from socialnetworking and cloud computing to mobile technology.

In the past year alone, many of these types of IPOs haveprovided enormous opportunities for nimble traders as prices havefluctuated widely for several months following the offering. Thisnew edition reflects the new IPO environment and presents you withthe insights needed to excel in such a dynamic arena.

  • Discusses more sophisticated IPO trading strategies, exploresthe intricacies of the IPO process, and examines the importance offocused financial statement analysis
  • Contains new chapters on secondary IPO markets, reversemergers, and master limited partnerships
  • Provides in-depth analysis of other major industries generatingworthwhile IPOs
  • Covers IPO investing from basic terms to advanced investingtechniques

Comprehensive in scope, the Third Edition ofHigh-Profit IPO Strategies offers investors and traders with actionable information to profit in this lucrative sector of the financial market.


From the Inside Flap

Typically generating a great deal of interest,excitement, and volatility, initial public offerings (IPOs) provideinvestors and traders with excellent opportunities for both short-and long-term profits. Nobody understands this better than authorTom Taulli. As an IPO expert involved in the financial markets forover fifteen years, he knows what it takes to make it in thisfield, and now, with the Third Edition of High-Profit IPOStrategies, he returns to share his extensive experiences withyou.

While the past decade has seen two recessions and a seriousfinancial crisis, there have still been standout public offerings,such as Google or Salesforce.com. And many of the top deals werenot necessarily tech companies either. Just look at the IPOs ofChipotle and Buffalo Wild Wings. In the Third Edition ofHigh-Profit IPO Strategies, Taulli skillfully details theessential elements of IPO investing and trading, and puts you in abetter position to find companies like these—companies thatare poised to prosper.

Fully updated and expanded to reflect today’s dynamic IPOmarket, this reliable resource outlines the strategies you’ll needto succeed within it and offers valuable insights on developing thepatience and discipline to effectively navigate the uncertaintiesthat come with the territory.

Divided into four comprehensive parts, the Third Editionof High-Profit IPO Strategies:

  • Opens by addressing the fundamentals you need to be familiarwith—from how the IPO process works to the various ways toget shares
  • Digs deep into the issues of research, risk, andstrategies—from utilizing online resources like EDGAR andRetailRoadshow and making sense of the prospectus to spottingpotential risk factors and implementing strategies that can beapplied across numerous industries
  • Covers the many sectors of the IPO market, including tech,biotech, financial services, retailers, energy operators, and realestate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Looks at specialized transactions such as spin-offs and fadIPOs, and discusses areas of emerging interest like secondarymarkets

Comprehensive in scope, the Third Edition ofHigh-Profit IPO Strategies is a proven guide that will allowinvestors and traders to turn the potential of IPOs intoprofits.


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