Investing for Change: Profit from Responsible Investment


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Augustin Landier

Vinay B. Nair

Book : Investing for Change: Profit from Responsible Investment 

For many of us, giving significant money away for promoting change is not a practical option. But investing for change–otherwise known as SRI (Socially Responsible Investing)–is something all of us can consider. Still, a number of questions come up when we consider what it means to invest “responsibly,” including:

  • Is it possible to “express values” through one’s investments?

  • How easy is it to rank companies along standards of social rather than financial value? Wouldn’t such standards be subjective?

  • Does “responsible investing” imply taking more financial risks, resulting in poor performance?

  • Does SRI force less virtuous companies to improve their behavior?

In Investing for Change, Augustin Landier and Vinay Nair provide answers to these questions. Categorizing investors in illuminating groups of Yellow, Blue, and Red, and drawing on the latest research and their long experience in asset management, the authors show how responsible investing can truly come into its own.


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