Key to the Secrets a Traders Primer


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Neall Concord-Cushing

Book : Key to the Secrets a Traders Primer

Key to the Secrets is the latest book written by Neall and reviews the first 4 books with an in depth discussion of their inter-connectedness. It tells the inner story of why the first four were written and how they work together. How it integrates forecasting, trading and the Law of Vibration into a complete trading system and introduces new sections on Gravity Centers, 1st Trade Harmonics, Cycles, Key Notes and Aligning Interior Vibrations.

Book Description:

The latest in the Secrets Books; written to bring together in one book a compilation of the other 4 and show how they all fit together. These books are pieces of a puzzle. Most of us have failed to recognize how to put these basic building blocks of nature into a workable system to give us what we want.

The universe is very abundant and willing to provide anything we desire; money, success, happiness, you name it and it is yours, when you align with the natural laws that govern life. You want to be a great trader …easy… when you understand the “path” to getting it. Without knowing how the pieces of a puzzle fit together, we spend all our time just shuffling them around and never “fitting into our life” what we really want.

We stay in a “trying to get it” mode and never get the pleasure of realizing our wants. We’re frustrated in a never ending search for a “way” and are left with that empty feeling of failure.

It’s easy and simple; it’s natural to everything and everybody to be able to get what one wants. These books address the way to become a successful trader – using forecasting, trading and the Law of Vibration. This last book shows the Key to making it all happen.

If you have read some or all of the Secrets Books then the Key to the Secrets – A Traders Primer will be a reminder and guide to put it all together. It will steer you back to the path you need to be on to make it happen.


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