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Michael S. Jenkins

Video : Michael Jenkins Trading Video $900

The objective of the video is to teach you how to trade using basic trading skills. You will learn how to read a bar chart and how to determine the trend, the reversal points, target objectives and time periods for culminations. You will learn many technical analysis techniques and much of what is in my various books will be taught but not the more advanced stuff like the Jenkins True Trend Line or various ‘forecasting’ tools and certainly no astrological methods, nor my Secret Angle Method. This video has a basic objective to take any person from scratch and put them in front of a computer graphics screen and get them to the point where they can trade and make money almost every day if they follow the advice. While it is geared to ‘newbies’ there are a number of great tips and discoveries I have NEVER put into my books before that make trading very quick and easy and one or two are more than worth the cost of seeing the film. Even professionals with 15 years experience will be amazed with my signal bar forecasting methods that can give EXACT highs and lows on 15 min, 60 min, daily and weekly charts with a calculation that literally takes less than 5 seconds to apply. All the moving averages and MACD’s and advanced ‘crap’ on the market can’t do that! I do not teach my Secret Angle Method in this video but I do demonstrate a minor point or two from that method. Consider this like an all day seminar on trading where you are sitting next to me, only better, in that I am explaining in detail every single thought process I go through when looking at my charts and setting up the various time frames prior to making a trade. Once in the trade I show where to put stops and calculate risk and where to expect to take profits or follow up with a trailing stop.

I have taught scores of professionals who make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in the market and most of them would benefit from this film because I know they have no idea how much information they are ignoring every day by not looking at certain key points in the chart nor knowing the secret to quick and proper scaling of all angles so as to get perfect time and price outcomes. By spending several hours with me going over and over the 5 min, 15 min, 60 min, daily and weekly charts and seeing the routines I follow, by the end of the film you should be in a position to eliminate 90% of the mistakes you make every day and have a good foundation for making money. Even if you are an experienced trader and think you know all this, it might be a good investment for your spouse or child who wants to learn the business. My 17 year old high school son tested very well on the concepts after seeing the film, and it probably saved him ten years of going down blind alleys following bad advice he would have picked up from public sources had he not seen it.

Contents of the Michael S. Jenkins Trading Video
These below are the basic concepts shown in the graphics:
The basic bar chart
Determining the trend
Principles of trend
Accumulation / Distribution
Wave Patterns
Time Frames
Tips on keeping time frame perspectives
Midpoints and gaps
Secret of the impulse slope
Trend lines
Basic Geometric Angles
Selecting stocks with angles
Fractal boxes
Angles create cycles
Basic Secret Angle principles
Reversal of trend
Measured moves
Measured move trading
Basic retracements
Offset angles
Square roots and increments
Natural Ratio Lines
Combining impulse slopes with ratios
Circular arc targets
Equal balancing concepts
Stop loss disciplines and strategies
Entry points
Buy strategies
Retracement forecasts
Basic overlap strategies
Regression to the mean
Pre opening estimates and next day probabilities
Intraday scalping
Intraday common patterns
Square out principles
Adding cycle harmonics to angle
Analysis of different charts and trends
Tape reading
Money management and risk
Daily market reversal principles
Secret of the reversal bar
Forecasting targets from the very first ba
Offset angle adjustments
Principle of doubling
Simple trading strategy
Trailing stops
Moving average
Starting to trade
Complete trading cycle example using rules
Common time cycles
Time and price combinations
Offset angle projection targets
Angle grid projection targets
Scalping techniques



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