New Trader,Rich Trader 2: Good Trades, Bad Trades



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Janna Burns

Richard L. Weissman

Steve Burns

Book : New Trader,Rich Trader 2: Good Trades, Bad Trades

“Trading is not the path to free money; profits must be earned through homework, discipline, courage, patience, and perseverance in the markets.” – Rich Trader In contrast to its precursor, “New Trader, Rich Trader”, where New Trader struggled with basic issues such as development of a positive expectancy method, position sizing as well as determining which assets to trade; in this manuscript all those issues have been resolved and so at the book’s inception one might imagine New Trader would simply be relating his successes to Rich Trader.As anyone who has successfully transitioned from “New Trader” to “Rich Trader” can attest, this is not the case and our authors brilliantly navigate New Trader’s journey from knowing how to trade “in theory” towards flawless implementation of his positive expectancy model despite draw downs, missed opportunities, price shock events, and so on. As in all of Steve’s books, I am consistently amazed at how despite his obvious mastery of our business he can recall with intimate detail what it was like to make the full gamut of “New Trader” mistakes. “New Trader, Rich Trader 2” will have New Traders reaching for their highlighters while Rich Traders smile knowingly at distance memories of painful missteps. Wherever you are in the journey from New to Rich Trader, this book is an indispensable tool filled with lots of “Aha” moments. To Steve and Janna, congratulations on a job well done, to all the New Traders reading this, pat yourself on the back for having found an indispensable aid in your journey from novice to pro. Richard L. Weissman, Professional Trader and Author, Trade Like a Casino


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