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Granville Cooley

Book : Patterns of Gann | Cooley Granville

The set of books within this bound volume is about certain mathematical and astronomical relationships between numbers and their possible application to the numbers of W D Gann. Introduction to the Series by Granville Cooley I once heard someone say that they were looking for something with which to pull the trigger in the commodities market. I’m sure a lot of traders are looking for that something with which to pull the trigger. But since over 90 percent of the traders lose in the commodity markets, those who pull the trigger either shoot themselves in the foot or in the head. One is very painful and the other is very deadly. This set of books [included within this bound volume] is not about pulling the trigger. It is not a system on how to make a million dollars in the market in the morning. It is about certain mathematical and astronomical relationships between numbers and their possible application to the number of W. D. Gann. I say possible because I do not claim to be a market guru. I know there are those who want to study Gann without studying the numbers, but since the answers to the Gann approach must be in the numerical systems and since all markets are made up of advances and declines of numbers, I can’t see how it is possible to study Gann without studying his numbers. For that matter, without studying numbers in general. It is said of Gann that he was a Christian and a Mason and it is known of his use of astrology and geometry. It is believed that his number system came from those sources. This series of books, “The Patterns of Gann,” is an exploration of the above sources (plus a few others). We will see how they apply to the Gann material. I’m not a mathematician. My field is journalism. So you will not find any x+y=a in this material. I’m sure that the average person will appreciate that approach as most persons are not mathematicians either.

Table of Contents 

Introduction to the Series
Book 1: The Cycle of Mars
Square of 144 is Laid out The Lines Are Laid Out An Immediate Discovery Looking at the High Subtracting 360 Degrees 133 or 132 Combined Numbers and Prices Mars and Jupiter Gann’s Cube Cycles of Other Years Other Cycles Heliocentric Jupiter and Mars A Mars Alone Method Mars Left Out Earth-Mars 47 year Cycle
Book 2: The Great Cycle
Quick Review of Book I An Ancient Book The Cycle of the Sun The Cycle of the Moon The 532 Year Cycle Back to the Bean Chart
Book 3: The Book With No Name
Book 4: On the Square
How Do You Make A Square? Building the Squares A Lesson From the John Floor The 45-Degree Line The Number 9 and the Squares Adding and Multiplying Squares Range as a Difference in Squares The Other Leg of the X More 45 Degree Angles Other Properties of Squares Making Unnatural Squares Regular Squares and the Square of 9 The Square as a Geometric Mean
Book 5: The Cycle of Venus:
A Star Returns The Square of 144 Geo View and the Number 144 Venus and the Square of 9 Geometric Means of the Cube Venus and the Cube The 15-Day, 24-Hour Chart Venus and the Harmonic Mean Gann’s 15 Day Chart Venus and the Square of 45 The Eighth Square and the Death Zone
Book 6: The Triangular Numbers
Foolin’ Around An Ancient Arithmetic Man Making the Triangular Numbers Making Other Numeric Figures Gann’s Triangular Numbers Triangles and the Square of 9 Triangles and the Number 9 Triangles and the Hexagon Other Clues The Double Triangles The Unnatural Triangles More Evidence Gann and the Ancient Hexagon The Triangle of the Zodiac The Triangels and the Cubes Triangles and the Cardinal Numbers
Book 7: The Cycle of Mercury
The Search for 17 Precession of the Equinoxes Robert Gordon’s Birthday Looking for 132 Mercury and the Square of 7 Mercury and the Number 33 Another 33-Year Cycle Mercury and the Great Pyramid The Answer Gann’s Use of 17
Book 8: The Single Digit Numbering System
Figuring in Bed in My Head The 9 as Zero A Recap So Far PATTERN Recognition SDV and the Square of 9 Diagonals in Squares The Square of 12 The Square of 7 The 24-Hour Square The Properties of 1 Single Digit on the Square of 9 The Square of 4 Chart The Hexagon Chart How I Did It
Book 9: Gann and Fibonacci
Article in Gann and EW Magazine The Master Numbers How to Hold a Ratio Looking for Geometric Mean Fibonacci and the Squares Fibonacci of the Angles The Eighth Square The Fibonacci of Jack Benny Using Some Gann Numbers How Many Age and Weight A Master Sheet The Stone of Simon The Great Cycle of Enoch The Wandering and the Great Pyramid Fibonacci in Gann?
Book 10: The Cubes and the Hexagon
How do You Make a Cube? Cubes and Triangular Numbers Odd Numbers in One Cube The Even Cubes Making Other Powers Cube + Square = Square Building Cubes Like Squares Squares and Geometric Means The Double Cubes Geometric Means on the Hexagon The Cubes on the Hexagon
Book 11: Gann and the Teleois
Book 12: Gann’s Magic Square
The Search for Gann’s Squares A Look at Construction Comparing the Square of Nine Another Similarity Proof of Construction Construction of Square of Four Square of 6? Square of 8? The Square of 12 Finding the Magic Squares The 1922 Book The 1912 Book Looking at the Material More of the Celestial Square Some More Explanations The Swastika Any Clues in the Magic Square? Missing Link Red Flag! Number 325! Answers on the Diagonal Checking It Out on the Hexagon Same PATTERN on Other Charts The Numbers on the Angles Some Other Cycles Why The Square of 9 Chart Ends at 1089 The Squares of 9 and 33 Gann’s 24-Hour Error A Coincidence of Numbers A TV Puzzle A Search for the Perfect Number Decanates of the Planets Another Way to Make Cubes Triangles and the Arithmetic Mean More Triangle Stuff Dissecting a Number Some Julian Days Some More on the Cycles of Venus Jewish Calendar Based on 3.3 Seconds Geometric Means on Hexagon Chart The Number Three and Triangles and Squares The Number 3 and the Difference in the Cubes Numbers Both Triangular and Square Finding the Triangle of Doube of a Number The Cubes and The Triangle More Appendix…. 



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