Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory | Bradley Cowan


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Bradley F. Cowan

Book : Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory | Bradley Cowan

W.D. Gann stated that time was the most important factor for traders. Knowing when to expect a trend reversal adds a powerful tool to the traders arsenal. In his new book Cowan shows how every major panic and trend reversal for the last 100 years has been accurately timed using the pentagram and simple planetary arrangements. Traders withPentagonal Time Cycle Theory would have shorted the stock market exactly at the 2007 top because the cycles aligned right on one of the five Great Pentagram points. Using CycleTimer software these cycles are easily plotted on your charts.

Bradley F. Cowan is an Electrical Engineer who worked as a consultant on a variety of civilian and classified military projects including the Seawolf attack submarine, the FA-18 fighter aircraft, global positioning satellites, Sparrow missile, and others. It did not take long for Mr. Cowan to apply his studies of engineering, psychology, and physics to financial markets and to permanently retire from engineering in his early 30’s.


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