Predict Market Swings With Technical Analysis


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Michael McDonald

Book : Predict Market Swings With Technical Analysis

A fresh perspective on predicting the market
The experience of Wall Street investment manager and analyst Michael McDonald offers a new perspective on how to navigate the turbulent ups and downs of the markets. His innovative approach to the stock market teaches investors how to use new investment strategies intended to replace the “buy and hold forever” strategies of yesterday. McDonald discusses what a “trading range” market is-a roller-coaster ride in which the market will neither gain nor lose much ground-and guides readers through this market with his proven investment strategies. This book provides an understandable way to make sense of the unpredictable stock market, taking into account more complex theories, including chaos and contrarian approaches. Along with his expert advice, McDonald presents four investing paradoxes that will help investors make smarter decisions now and predict where the market is heading, using his proven theories

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Predict Market Swings With Technical Analysis

The efficient market theory concludes that stock prices are essentially random and unpredictable. So how do thousands of professionals earn a living each year on Wall Street by predicting stock prices? The answer is quite simple-by using techniques that allow for a stock market that can at times become predictable.

Let Wall Street financial consultant and market analyst Michael McDonald show you how to navigate the turbulent ups and downs of the market in Predict Market Swings with Technical Analysis. This fresh approach to trading using technical analysis will teach you how to trade the swings of the market by catching the upswings and selling just before major downswings.

With the help of a few ideas from chaos theory, McDonald introduces you to a new model that is more accurate than the efficient market model, is closer to the ideas most traders have of the market, and allows for a market that is at times predictable. You’ll learn how to use this model to align and integrate various pieces of stock market information that were previously confusing or at odds and then start to trade for maximum profits. You’ll also learn about the specific parts of this model, including “fair value”-represented as D/I (dividends over interest rates)-which represents important economic factors.

McDonald continues his in-depth analysis by exploring the area of technical analysis and revealing how it can help locate markets that are unstable and ready to experience a possible feedback loop movement. You’ll learn how to find the beginning and end of major swings-using decision-making tools such as contrary opinion indicators-that will form the trading range, as well as how to navigate the trading range market once it appears.

Besides explaining the model he uses to understand stock market movements, McDonald also reveals how new discoveries in chaos theory help explain the fractal nature of stock price charts and then moves on to provide a firmer theoretical foundation for the controversial Elliot Wave theory.

McDonald rounds out this comprehensive trading guide by offering a broad outline of the possible pattern the market will make during its projected sideways run and then presenting his studies on strategies for sideways markets in anticipation of this period.

Through expert advice, real-world examples, and proven trading techniques, Predict Market Swings with Technical Analysis will help you make profitable trading decisions today and accurate predictions of market movements tomorrow.

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