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Day Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, Second Edition tells you everything you need to have–and know–to launch a successful and satisfying career as a stock trader. From behind-the-scenes detail son market makers and Level II trading to the stock -picking strategies and trading techniques of today’s top pros, renowned trader and trainer Sammy Chua shows you how to:

Use your Level II screen to look behind the action–and discover what the market makers are really doing

Interpret technical indicators to identify trends and accurately forecast pending reversal points

Stay in winning trades for the maximum possible profits, while avoiding huge losses that can cripple a trading program

New technologies and securities regulations make it the best time in history to become an independent day trader. But only you can make that first move. Let Day Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom,Second Edition give you the intelligence and confidence you need to become a successful day trader, and take control of your financial future.


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Sammy Chua

Book : Sammy Chua’s Day Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom

Sammy Chua used his self-taught trading skills to turn an$11,500 grubstake into a $280,000 portfolio in just six months(results independently audited and fully verified). He’d be the first one to tell you that developing those skills wasn’t easy.

But it is possible—and the Second Edition of Sammy Chua’sDay Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom shows you how to do it.

This step-by-step guidebook bypasses complicated math and formulas to focus on what really matters—the hands-on skill sand knowledge you need to become a savvy, full-time trader.Straightforward language and examples of real stocks in real markets arm you with an in-depth understanding of the forces that make stock prices move up and down, along with exactly what you need to do to make consistent profits on those price moves.

Completely updated and expanded from its top-selling first edition, this no-nonsense electronic trader’s resource explains:

  • How NYSE specialists and NASDAQ market makers set and manipulate prices, and how you can profit from their predictable behavioral patterns
  • How to use NASDAQ Level II screens and ECNs to send your order straight to the trading floor, controlling your trade execution sand profits
  • Short-selling strategies that double your opportunities for spotting and executing an advantageous trade
  • The 2% Rule, and how to use it to stop losses short while maximizing the potential profits from each trade
  • Trading strategies from scalping to intraday trend trading to swing trading, and how to determine which style best fits your temperament and trading ability
  • All about technical analysis, and how to use charts to find support and resistance levels that improve your ability to buy or sell at profitable turning points
  • Techniques for applying Japanese candlestick charts to pinpoint unusually heavy buying and selling pressures
  • Methods for using indicators and oscillators to identify the strength and direction of market trends

Through exacting research and years of experience, Sammy Chua has discovered the secrets to trading profitably in every type of market—bull, bear, or non-trending. In this Second Edition ofDay Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, Chua details those secrets as he provides you with a market-tested approach to understanding precisely why prices move, and how you can parlay those moves in to a profitable trading career.

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