Security Analysis and Business Valuation on Wall Street



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Jeffrey C. Hooke

Ebook: Security Analysis and Business Valuation on Wall Street

An insider’s look at security analysis and business valuation, aspracticed by Wall Street, Corporate America, and internationalbusinesses
Two major market crashes, numerous financial and accountingscandals, growth in private equity and hedge funds, Sarbanes Oxleyand related regulations, and international developments changedsecurity analysis and business valuation substantially over thelast fourteen years. These events necessitated a second edition ofthis modern classic, praised earlier by Barron’s as a”welcome successor to Graham and Dodd” and used in the global CFAexam.

This authoritative book shows the rational, rigorous analysis isstill the most successful way to evaluate securities. It picks upwhere Graham and Dodd’s bestselling Security Analysis – fordecades considered the definitive word on the subject – leaves off.Providing a practical viewpoint, Security Analysis on WallStreet shows how the values of common stock are reallydetermined in today’s marketplace. Incorporating dozens ofreal-world examples, and spotlighting many special analysis cases -including cash flow stocks, unusual industries and distressedsecurities – this comprehensive resources delivers all the answersto your questions about security analysis and corporate valuationon Wall Street.
The Second Edition of Security Analysis on WallStreet examines how mutual funds, private equity funds, hedgefunds, institutional money managers, investment banks, businessappraisers, and corporate acquirers perform their craft of securityanalysis and business valuation in today’s highly chargedenvironment. Completely updated to reflect the latestmethodologies, this reliable resource represents the mostcomprehensive book written by someone who has actually worked as aninvestment banker, private equity executive, and internationalinstitutional investor.

  • Shows the methodical process that practitioners use to valuecommon stocks and operating companies and to make buy/selldecisions
  • Discusses the impact of the two stock market crashes, theaccounting and financial scandals, and the new regulations on theevaluation process
  • Covers how Internet and computing power automate portions ofthe research and analytical effort
  • Includes new case study examples representative of valuationissues faced daily by mutual funds, private equity funds, hedgefunds, institutional investors, investment banks, businessappraisers, and corporate acquirers
  • Is a perfect tool for professors wishing to show their MBAstudents the essential tools of equity and business valuation

Security analysis and business valuation are core financialdisciplines for Wall Streeters, corporate acquirers, andinternational investors. The Second Edition of SecurityAnalysis on Wall Street is an important book for anyone whoneeds a solid grounding in these critical finance topics.



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