Seismic Reflections of Rock Properties


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Dario Grana

Jack Dvorkin

Mario A. Gutierrez

Book : Seismic Reflections of Rock Properties

This book provides an accessible guide to using the rock physics-based forward modeling approach for mapping the subsurface, systematically linking rock properties to seismic amplitude. Providing practical workflows, the book shows how to methodically vary lithology, porosity, rock type, and pore fluids and reservoir geometry, calculate the corresponding elastic properties, and then generate synthetic seismic traces. These synthetic traces can then be compared to actual seismic traces from the field: a similar actual seismic response implies similar rock properties in the subsurface. The book catalogs various cases, including clastic sediments, carbonates, and time-lapse seismic monitoring, and discusses the effect of attenuation on seismic reflections. It shows how to build earth models (pseudo-wells) using deterministic and statistical approaches, and includes case studies based on real well data. A vital guide for researchers and petroleum geologists, in industry and academia, providing sample catalogs of synthetic seismic reflections from a variety of realistic reservoir models.

“This invaluable companion to Mavko et al.’s popular Rock Physics Handbook describes the deterministic and stochastic forward modeling tools a geophysicist needs to find reservoir parameter combinations whose seismic responses fit the data. The authors illustrate key concepts with simple applets, and cover the latest developments in digital rock physics and gas hydrates.”
Sven Treitel, President, TriDekon, Inc.

“The authors superbly introduce readers to the field of rock physics and also educate practitioners on applying rock physics in seismic interpretation for hydrocarbon reservoirs. Systematically designed using templates and catalogues, this guide to exploration for and production mapping of hydrocarbons is honestly explained, including warnings for interpretation pitfalls. Supported by excellent figures, it is enjoyable to read and hard to resist turning to the next page.”
Ivar Brevik, Specialist in Geophysics, Statoil

“Reading [this book] gave me a better appreciation for seismic-reflection characteristics of rock properties, and I am glad to have it on my bookshelf. I will surely reach for it during future seismic analyses.”
Seth S. Haines, The Leading Edge

‘… provides a rich resource of theory, experimental data, thoughtful methodological considerations, and numerous examples. … As a seismologist, I recommend this book to anyone interested in seismic exploration and rock physics.’ Yu Chen, Pure and Applied Geophysics


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