Spirals of Growth and Decay


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Daniel T. Ferrera

Book : Spirals of Growth and Decay

I am very happy to have the opportunity to privately release this absolutely superb,Spirals of Growth and Decay, groundbreaking work by Daniel T. Ferrera. When Dan and I first met back in 1998, we began an information exchange, which led to Dan privately sharing his personal research material with me, and eventually two of my close personal friends. The original version that I received was simply a hand written copy of notes and theory comprising just 30 pages (anyone who knows Dan, knows that he does not waste words) along with several examples of actual charts from various markets (com, wheat, soybeans, coffee, copper, natural gas, gold, lean hogs, Dow Jones, S&P500, NASDAQ, lumber, live cattle, and some currencies). In those 30 pages we all found what proved to be the single most fundamental and important market insight that I, or anyone I know, has ever seen, and this statement remains true to this very day. Now, for the first time, Dan is releasing this rarest of market irsights to just a few others so that he can spend his remaining time with his ailing father who suffered a severe stroke on Memorial Day, 2004.


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