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Michael S. Jenkins

Sotware : Stock Trading Using Planetary Cycles – Program (.exe)

The programs are ‘Windows’ compatible and should work on any PC. I did make them a bit of a memory hog to make them fast so if you have a very old machine with a million bytes or less of memory you may have to run them without many other programs running at the same time or keep your calculations to under 3-5 years at a time and not 100 year scans all at once.
The book mentions that countries that use commas ‘,’ instead of decimals ‘.’ like $1000,00 instead of $1000.00 may have to change the default operating system to US formats as shown in the last page of the book.
You may also encounter a problem if your ‘clock’ is set to a foreign format since on startup some of the programs read the clock and then convert the date to put in the initial text box. If it starts up and locks up or says something like bad format or not a real number or such, then try setting your clock to a US format and try that. If you prefer I have included three programs with ‘No-Clock’ in their names. These are for people who want to keep their time in another format other than the US i.e. 24/12/2014 instead of 12/24/2014 or other formats. Because the program usually ‘reads’ the date of your clock, if it is in a strange format the program might lock up, so I have included programs that will start with a fixed date of ‘2014.0101’ and start up and you can manually change the date each time. It might not be as fast or convenient as the auto date read but if you don’t want to reset your time formats to the US standard then these will work for you. MOST of you will NEVER want to use the ‘No-Clock’ programs as the others are more convenient if they work on your machine.

The book demonstrates the ‘Planets’ program and the ‘PriceConverter’ program but I have added one called ‘Angles’ that will show ALL the planetary pairs for any date making it easier to try and find out what is causing a particular high or low.

I have also included the free Square of Nine program off my website. If the Square of Nine program (MSJ_GannWheel) is big just put in the odd square box ’19’ ( or any other number that’s odd) for the smaller 0 to 361 numbers, and you can adjust the size of the squares with the ‘Grid Size’ box. Clicking with the mouse in the squares will color them so you can keep track of planetary locations.

These can run off the disc but will be faster if copied onto your hard drive to any subdirectory you make. They will not hurt your machine or install any cookies. They just run as is.

MSJ Jan 31 2014


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