Super Timing W.D.Ganns Astrological Method



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Myles Wilson Walker

Book : Super Timing W.D.Ganns Astrological Method


Myles Wilson Walker – Super Timing. W.D.Ganns Astrological Method

If you are a complete newcomer to astrology and you want to get an overview about what financial astrology is and how it is used to time the markets than I recommend to you the book

Super Timing – W. D. Gann’s Astrological Method, Myles Wilson Walker, self published 1999


A personal favorite of mine – this books combines a wealth of information about  W. D. Gann’s astrological methods compiled into a beautiful book. It also reveals some new approaches to planetary geometry that the author has discovered through observation.


What is Financial Astrology ?


Astrology is the use of astronomical data to explain and forecasts things happening on the earth. Astrology also explains by using astronomical data why people on this planet are so different in their personalities, characters, goals, aspirations and choices, even if they are astrologically made by the same components – the planets and the stars surrounding earth.


Financial Astrology is the use of astronomical data to explain and forecast the behavior of the financial markets. There are different branches of financial astrology dependent on the methods (uses of the astronomical data) that a financial astrologer is using. The financial astrology methods that the Rosecast forecast service is employing are deeply rooted in the sciences of astronomy, geometry and mathematics.


Over the years I’ve been researching and perfecting practical applications based on the work of legendary trader WD Gann.

This book contains my best and simplest approach to accurately time the big moves in the speculative markets of Stock Indexes, Commodities and Forex.

The WD Gann Timing System presented in this course can be learnt in 20 minutes and you can start applying it right away.

The course guides you through all the relevant information in a step-by-step manner with plenty of examples.

This is a formula based system.


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