Technical Analysis & Options Strategies


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Kenneth H. Shaleen

Book : Technical Analysis & Options Strategies

This no-nonsense guide takes the guesswork out of eighteen standard options positions and shows how and when to use them depending upon the price environment of the market. Author Ken Shaleen, internationally known futures trader, educator and market advisor, identifies how to determine a specific technical situation on a chart and how to select and when to implement the appropriate options strategy.

For example:

option strategy: vertical bull call spread; when to use: market expected to go up; technical situation: lead off in anticipation of upside breakout (prior to breaking neckline of a possible H&S bottom).
More than theory, this book imparts a system, providing traders with the means by which they can understand and apply each of the strategies discussed. Furthermore, actual market conditions are used to demonstrate strategies, not “after-the-fact” examples.
Technical Analysis and Options Strategies is loaded with detailed charts and in-depth analysis for each of the strategies discussed, which include vertical credit spreads; long and short puts; call, put and back spreads; and straddles and butterflies.


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