The Day Trader’s Guide to Technical Analysis

Technical analysis — the analysis of price, volume, and supply/demand imbalance — has been a staple of serious traders for decades. Now, The Day Trader’s Guide to Technical Analysis shows traders already familiar with charts and charting how the well-known, time-honored rules of technical analysis can help uncover tremendous profit opportunities in today’s fast-action, wide-open electronic day trading environment.Trading professional Chris Lewis illustrates his methods through a week of sample trades, explaining what wins, what loses, and why. Details covered include: — In-depth explanation of Nasdaq Level II screens and time of sales– Strategies to get the best price for any trade — buy or sell– Discussion of trading psychology, with proven rules for maintaining discipline


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Chris Lewis

Book : The Day Trader’s Guide to Technical Analysis

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Proven Technical Analysis Methods to Help Day Traders Begin Each Day with Confidence¿and End Each Day with a Profit!

Technical analysis¿the analysis of price, volume, and supply/demand imbalance¿has been a staple of serious traders for decades. In the explosive world of electronic day trading, however, many traders have been searching for a source that applies technical analysis to the specific needs of day trading.

The Day Trader¿s Guide to Technical Analysis helps traders understand and apply time-proven technical analysis techniques¿to instantly improve their ratio of winning trades. Experienced trading systems engineer Chris Lewis introduces the basics, then provides in-depth coverage of advanced techniques and strategies, as he discusses topics including:
*chart reading
*Nasdaq Level II screen interpretation
*time of sales
*upward versus downward trend recognition
*support and resistance levels
*SOES, Island, and SelectNet
*noncharting methods
*psychological obstacles to trading success

Consistent success in electronic day trading is achievable, and traders using technical analysis prove it on the front lines every day. Discover the rules and benefits of technical analysis¿and how they can be profitably incorporated into your own system and style of trading¿with The Day Trader¿s Guide to Technical Analysis.

“Hope is one of the cruelest killers of capital in a novice day trader¿s session. For technical analysis to work for you, you must be totally disciplined: as soon as the reason that you entered the trade is no longer there, you must exit as quickly as possible.”–Chris Lewis From the Introduction

A certain and dependable knowledge of price history and developing trends is money in the bank for day traders. On the other hand, traders who choose to rely on hope to determine when to buy or sell¿as in, “I¿ll buy 1,000 shares and hope the price goes up.”-¿are destined to quickly and quietly become ex-traders.

The Day Trader¿s Guide to Technical Analysis shows you how to use technical analysis to strengthen your knowledge¿of what has occurred in the past, what should occur next, and how to protect yourself if it doesn¿t. A proven framework around which to base your trading decisions¿for both knowing why you succeed and understanding when you fail¿is demonstrated. Charting techniques for uncovering stocks with high return/low risk probabilities are provided. The techniques are truly profitable, as demonstrated through the author¿s own account, verified by an independent third party.

With The Day Trader¿s Guide to Technical Analysis, your days of guesswork could soon be over. This easy-to-follow and informative book provides active day traders with:
*In-depth explanations of chart reading, Nasdaq Level II screen interpretation, and time of sales
*3 conditions that¿when they occur¿greatly increase the profit potential in a given trade
*Pre-market preparation and stock selection techniques, plus different approaches for opening, middle, and closing periods of the trading day
*Proven strategies to get the best price for any trade, at any time, buy or sell
*Steps for critically evaluating all execution mechanisms open to you¿ECNs, SelectNet, SOES¿and knowing which will give you the best price
*Discussions of trading psychology, with market-tested rules for maintaining discipline while trading
*Information and statistics that all good traders must track on a daily¿and weekly¿basis
*One complete week of sample trades incorporating technical analysis rules¿and explaining what worked, what didn¿t, and why

Technical traders consistently put themselves in the best position to react¿and react quickly¿when they see market events follow commonly repeated patterns. Let The Day Trader¿s Guide to Technical Analysis introduce you to the long-successful rules of technical trading, and show you how to incorporate these timeless principles into your own trading style¿to ultimately master the tumultuous world of day trading.



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