The Evaluation and Optimization of Trading Strategies


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Robert Pardo

A newly expanded and updated edition of the trading classic,Design, Testing, and Optimization of Trading Systems

Trading systems expert Robert Pardo is back, and in TheEvaluation and Optimization of Trading Strategies, a thoroughly revised and updated edition of his classic text Design, Testing ,and Optimization of Trading Systems, he reveals how he has perfected the programming and testing of trading systems using a successful battery of his own time-proven techniques. With this book, Pardo delivers important information to readers, from the design of workable trading strategies to measuring issues like profit and risk. Written in a straightforward and accessible style ,this detailed guide presents traders with a way to develop and verify their trading strategy no matter what form they are currently using stochastics , moving averages, chart patterns,RSI, or breakout methods. Whether a trader is seeking to enhance their profit or just getting started in testing, The Evaluationand Optimization of Trading Strategies offers practical instruction and expert advice on the development, evaluation, and application of winning mechanical trading systems.

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Praise For The Evaluation and Optimization of TradingStrategies, Second Edition

“The testing process is key to a profitable trading method andBob Pardo brings order and sanity to it. He shows the reader how tonavigate the minefield of optimization and offers walk-forwardtesting as a way to change a static system into a dynamicone.”
Perry Kaufman, author of New Trading Systems andMethods, Fourth Edition

“Will your system work in the future? In this book Bob Pardoshows you exactly how to construct a trading system and then takethe most important walk of them all—the walk forwardtest—to find out if your system is really worth trading. Nowyou can know before you trade!”
Larry Williams, author of Trading Stocks &Commodities with the Insiders: Secrets of the COT Report, andLong-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading

“How to evaluate likely future trading system performance is notjust a question—it’s the question, and Pardo’s 1992Design, Testing, and Optimization of Trading Systems was amilestone work in the field. Now his approach has been updated andexpanded to reflect technological change as well as many insightsgained along the way. A must read for anyone who takes tradingseriously.”
Bruce DeVault, President, Quantevo—AlgorithmicTrading Development

“Ask serious system developers for their recommended readinglist, and Bob Pardo’s book is likely to be among the firstmentioned. This book is the real deal; a serious work that seeks toteach you what to look for and what to avoid in your quest forworkable trading methodologies. Best of all, it helps you achievethe kind of objective, critical thinking necessary for mechanicaltrading success. Seekers of magical holy grails would be advised tolook elsewhere, but for earnest professional trading aspirants,this is a most rewarding read.”
Art Collins, author of Beating the FinancialFutures Market: Combining Small Biases Into Powerful Money MakingStrategies

“This book is the definitive book on designing, testing, andusing trading systems. There is no better book on themarket.”
Courtney Smith, Courtney Smith & Co., Inc.


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