The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management: How to Successfully Launch and Operate a Hedge Fund – 1st Edition


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Daniel A. Strachman

Book : The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management: How to Successfully Launch and Operate a Hedge Fund – 1st Edition

The tools and techniques needed to successfully launch and maintain a hedge fund

In The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management, both budding and established hedge fund managers will learn the fundamentals of building and maintaining a successful hedge fund business. Strachman presents the facts in an accessible and easy-to-use format that will empower readers to create a lasting fund that provides significant income for years to come. The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management provides information on everything from picking a lawyer to creating a fund’s documents to determining what markets attract investors. Readers will glean valuable information from real-life experiences (both negative and positive) that have shaped and continue to guide many of today’s leading and most respected funds

From the Inside Flap

Once considered an “alternative” investment, hedge funds have assumed a much more prominent role in today’s financial markets. While the industry continues to grow in size and scope, so do the number of budding and established professionals intent on capitalizing on such a potentially profitable opportunity. But in order to achieve success in this dynamic environment, you must first have a firm understanding of the fundamentals behind building and operating a high-performance hedge fund business.

Over the last decade, hedge fund expert Daniel Strachman has had the unique experience of working around the world with people who have built, developed, and marketed hedge funds. During this time, he gained extensive insights into what it takes to make a hedge fund work, and now, with The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management, he will share this information with you.

In a straightforward and accessible style, The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management outlines the important issues you need to address as you look to set up and run an alternative investment company. This comprehensive resource provides you with:

  • Guidance on how your hedge fund should be structured—ensuring that the vehicle you create makes sense from a cost and operational perspective
  • The information to make quality decisions when choosing a lawyer, prime broker, accountant, administrator, and other service providers
  • An understanding of the issues that come into play as you build your onshore or offshore fund, and as you prospect for assets
  • Advice on developing marketing strategies that can help you accumulate capital for your fund
  • The tools to establish an infrastructure that can effectively support your business

By showing you how to efficiently manage the business side of a hedge fund, this book will help you—and your partners—form a fund that will create and preserve wealth for you and your investors.

Filled with in-depth insights and real-world examples, The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management provides you with the tools and techniques necessary to successfully launch and operate a hedge fund in today’s competitive marketplace.

From the Back Cover


“As the proliferation of the hedge fund continues with no end in sight, Strachman has put together an ‘owners manual’ for success that benefits both new and existing managers. The success of hedge fund start ups rest in their ability to create and execute a business that delivers a solid organization, and The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management provides managers with a blueprint for building a lasting and sustainable business. For institutional allocators that are looking to raise the veil of transparency in hedge funds, this book will provide insights into what takes place behind the scenes.”
—Richard S. Bookbinder, Managing Member, Bookbinder Capital Management LLC

“Strachman has done it again. The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management is an informative guide that follows in the footsteps of Dan’s previous books on the fast-growing world of hedge funds. No new hedge fund should be started without first reading this book.”
—Charles M. Fisher, Managing Director of Prime Broker Services, Grace Financial Group

“This book provides valuable insight into many of the practical issues facing the creation and management of a hedge fund. It reaches the right balance between the technical and practical and adds to the knowledge base available in the hedge fund community.”
—Michael G. Tannenbaum, Founding Partner, Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt LLP

The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management is a must read for securities professionals looking to start a fund, and for all of us who want to take the mystery out of the exciting world of hedge funds. Strachman uses plain English to cut through the complex technical issues and provides us with a pleasurable, as well as an enlightening, experience.”
—Peter W. Testaverde, Jr., Partner, Goldstein Golub Kessler LLP


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