The Gann Pyramid: Square of Nine Essentials


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Daniel T. Ferrera

Book : The Gann Pyramid: Square of Nine Essentials

A new groundbreaking course on the Square Of Nine, W. D. Gann’s most mysterious calculator. This course is full of never before seen principles and techniques of analysis using Gann’s Square of 9, with detailed explanations of their applications to the markets. Introduction;Navigating With the Square of Nine; Bible Interpretations Related to W. D.Gann; What Gann Said About the Square of Nine; Six Squares of Nine; Square of Nine Time Applications; Price Targets For Support & Resistance; Using A Square of Nine Table; Time As a Price & Price as a Time; Gann Angle Projection; Square of Nine Time Techniques, A Different Look at History;Analyzing Markets; Nine Rules For The Square of Nine; Periodic Number Cycles; Price as a Time Period; Price Levels For Support & Resistance;Converting Astronomical Longitude to Price; Another Astronomical Technique; Fibonacci Ratios; Conclusion; W. D. Gann Calculators. Includes an Excel Square of Nine Calculator, and Plastic Overlay.


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