The Keys To Successful Speculation


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Daniel T. Ferrera

Book : The Keys To Successful Speculation

Black Suede Hardcover with Gilt Lettering! 2004. 350p. The Keys To Successful Speculation presents the first fully intact trading manual, which will clearly teach anyone ,including those with absolutely no prior knowledge of the markets, Gann ,or forecasting in general, to successfully trade in any market, from stocks, to futures, to options, in any time frame, from day trading to long term trading, beginning with very limited capital, as little as a few thousand dollars. This book is not esoteric, and is not focused on abstract analytical and theoretical principles, but is totally application orientated, specifically outlining a clear trading strategy incorporating all necessary principles of money management, charting, risk management ,swing trading, signal generation, the use of options and much more.Contents: Introduction; Dedication; Risk Discloser; Commodity Basic; How Much Do You Need To Start Correctly; The Profession & Business; Charts;The Keys To Successful Speculation; Mathematical Analysis Section 1;Perspective; Mathematical Analysis II Geometry Review; Instantaneous Balance Stability; Gann’s Mechanical System; Swing Trading Improvements Theory & Principle; Understanding and Exploiting Lost Motion; Endpoints of Swings Have Magnetic Force; Zones of Influence Define Test & Failure;Simple Profit Targets & Market Examples; Trading Pattern #2; How Price Can Change Polarity; The Fourth Time at The Same Level; How to Determine A Useful Swing Size; How To Determine Useful Stops; Trading Is A Profession;Understanding The Options Opportunity; Probability of A Price Move;Understanding Option Spreads; Successful Trading ; What Is Luck;Conclusion; Opportunist System; Swing Trading Stocks Based on Square Roots; Questions & Answers; Understanding Trends & Trendline Breaks;Trends Again, Bar Grouping Technique; Gann’s Red Light Green Light Trend Indicator; Using Inside Bars to Enter Trend; Gann’s Natural Resistance Levels & Cycle Points.

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