The Law of Cause and Effect Daniele Prandelli


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Daniele Prandelli

Book : The Law of Cause and Effect



Through the autumn and winter of 1948, W. D. Gann hand charted the May 1949 Soybean futures contract traded on the Chicago Board of Trade. Unlike much of Gann’s work, this chart survived and is publicly available from numerous sources. Many analysts have commented on this chart and a number of them have cited Gann’s use of planetary longitude in the chart, reproduced here:

D. Gann’s 1949 May Soybean Daily Chart

On the same chart below, certain planetary lines have been highlighted, as defined by the color key below, showing exactly what each of these lines represents.

D. Gann’s 1949 May Soybean Chart –Planetary Lines Colored
Red Line = Mars Longitude – Blue Line = Jupiter Longitude
Green Line Jupiter 255° Horizontal – Dashed Blue = Jupiter 270° Horizontal


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