The Next Great Bull Market

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Matthew McCall

Ebook: The Next Great Bull Market

Active investing strategies to profit from world-changing trends

In The Next Great Bull Market, Matthew McCall advocates an approach he calls, “Conversification,” meaning concentrating your investments in specific areas that are poised to benefit from global change. The areas of change addressed throughout this book include the green movement, infrastructure expansion, commodities, peak oil, the next great commodity-water-aging baby boomers, a growing global middle class, geopolitical upheavals, and the explosion of exchange-traded funds. With today’s world characterized by rapid change on many different levels, McCall’s approach holds even greater promise in the years ahead. Page by page, he provides strategies for both conservative investors interested in long-term growth and aggressive investors interested in generating fast profits.

  • Describes the dynamics driving each major change and provide specific strategies to take advantage of them
  • Shows how to profit from short-term swings in fast-moving sectors of the world economy
  • Highlights how to use various investment vehicles, including ETFs, stocks, and options

Investors who understand and anticipate the changes ahead stand to profit handsomely. With The Next Great Bull Market as your guide, you’ll quickly discover how the trends that are changing the world can be used to enhance the performance of your portfolio.



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