The Part-Time Trader: Trading Stock as a Part-Time Venture, + Website


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Ryan Mallory

Book : The Part-Time Trader: Trading Stock as a Part-Time Venture, + Website

Practical advice and easy-to-follow guidelines for part-time stock traders

Millions of people trade stocks in their spare time ,supplementing their nine-to-five income with extra profits on the market. And while there are plenty of books on the market that cater to the needs of full-time traders, there are precious few that focus on the trading strategies that are best suited for part-time traders who must balance the demands of other responsibilities while successfully navigating a changing and dynamic stock market.

This handy guide equips part-time traders with all the necessary tools for successful trading—including guidance on pre-market/pre-work studies and how to make profitable trades without interfering with one’s day job. The Part-Time Trader focuses entirely on those trading strategies best suited for part-timers, making trading both simpler and more profitable.

  • One of the few books on trading intended and designed specifically for part-time traders with other jobs or responsibilities
  • Includes online access to the author’s proprietary trading system that offers easy-to-follow guidelines for traders who can’t spend all day watching the markets
  • Written by the co-founder of SharePlanner Inc., a popular financial website devoted to day-trading, swing-trading (both long and short), and exchange-traded funds

For part-time traders who can’t dedicate all their time to watching the markets and reading charts, The Part-TimeTrader offers straightforward, profitable trading advice.

From the Inside Flap

Few resources exist that explain to the masses what full-time traders know well: that anyone can learn to navigate and profit in our dynamic stock market. In The Part-Time Trader, authorRyan Mallory debunks the myth that successful trading requires asuper natural skill set, a PhD in economics, or even one’s full-time attention.

Spurred by a deep-rooted frustration with his nine-to-five job,Mallory made the risky move to abandon his corporate career and become a full time stock trader. Finally able to devote himself to full-time trading, Mallory cofounded SharePlanner Inc., a finance trading website that gives real-time trade setups, ideas, and analysis for day-traders, swing-traders, and position traders. Over75 percent of SharePlanner’s readers are part-time traders, college students, and those who find themselves in a desk job that previously hampered their ability to trade.

With an easygoing and relatable voice that is more of a self- help and strategic guide for part-time traders than anim personal financial manual, The Part-Time Trader imparts the practical advice and step-by-step guidance necessary to successfully incorporate part-time trading into your everyday life ,by focusing on how to balance job responsibilities with one’ strading activities.

Through anecdotes of his own experience trading part-time while working in corporate America to realizing his dream as a full- time trader, Mallory’s advice ranges from learning to consistently profit from part-time trading to managing one’s expectations, the office environment, and responsibilities. Learn how and why to:

  • Navigate the corporate speed bumps that get in the way of your trading
  • Manage risk in such a way that will keep your trading systematic and unemotional
  • Trade successfully in any work environment
  • Implement ideal trading strategies that will benefit the part-time trader
  • Turn part-time trading into a full-time occupation
  • And much more!

From big problems to tiny ones—like how you should trade when traveling or in meetings—Mallory has thought of a solution to every part-time trading issue. Don’t let your day job keep you from indulging in the lucrative stock market; read ThePart-Time Trader for straightforward, profitable advice.


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