The Silver Key: A Guide to Speculators


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Book : The Silver Key: A Guide to Speculators

The great demand which has been made for this work during recent months has suddenly exhausted the supply of what hitherto has been a somewhat obscure and neglected work. It has been found necessary to provide a further edition and the opportunity has been used to eliminate all matter which does not bear directly upon the main object of the work, while at the same time everything essential has been retained. The publication has led to many enquires for a later and fuller expression of the principles contained in this work, but it has been found inconvenient and inadvisable to satisfy this demand except to a limited number of approved applicants under conditions which preclude resale or publication. I deem it right in this place to affirm that the “Silver Key” was not advance as a “system,” but merely as an attempt, along scientific lines, to answer the general questions as to the possibilities of Astrology in connection with racing.

Much research and observation has since been made and the highest possible consecutive series of winning results have been achieved. How far the subject has been carried only the favoured few are in a position to say. But as an introduction to the subject nothing better has ever been offered to the public than is to be found in these pages.


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