The Solar Guidance System


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Ian Wiliams

Ruth Miller

Book : The Solar Guidance System

Briefly, this is my background. I am a retired Home Economics Professor from Indiana State University. Previous to my 25 years at lSD, I taught 14 years in the community high schools. My undergraduate and graduate degrees are from ISD. My Doctorate is from Purdue. I refer to myself as an early and late” bloomer” as I received my BS degree while still
19, my Doctorate was not completed until 1969 at age 48. The summer months of my early childhood were spent in various hospitals to correct a serious burn suffered when 10 months old. My severely burned hands required many skin grafts. I am most fortunate that this physical handicap is not very noticeable except in some physical activities.
My invalid grandfather taught me to read all the books in the house by age five. He instilled in me the desire to learn, and I shall be a professional student the rest of my life. I can’t possibly live long enough to pursue all the things that interest me.
My first husband of31 years died of lung cancer in 1976. He was a teacher and school administrator. He was also a weekend farmer, and this part of our life exposed us to the futures market. He hedged our com and beans. To say that I became mildly interested in the markets is an understatement. I became addicted. I am still a part of the farm operation. My son, brother in law, and I formed a farm corporation after my husband’s death. Getting the crops sold
at the right time is just as important as producing a good crop. Three years after John’s death, and after 39 years in the classroom, I realized I was “burned out” on teaching. I planned to retire and get my commodity broker’s license. I was just ready to take my exam when I met and married my second husband. I gave up the broker’s license for a
marriage license, but not the interest in the markets. We would be living in Florida for six months and Illinois six months.
Do you believe in miracles? I certainly do. In the park in Florida where we lived, I met a young man who was also interested in commodities. His father was trading in sugar when sugar sky-rocketed. We spent many
hours pouring over charts, sharing our information, and reading materials.


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