The Superstock Investor: Profiting from Wall Street’s Best Undervalued Companies


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Charles M. Laloggia

Cherrie A. Mahon

Book : The Superstock Investor: Profiting from Wall Street’s Best Undervalued Companies

Today’s active investors enjoy spotting, tracking, and paying bottom dollar on undiscovered gems. In The Superstock Investor, stock-picking icon Charles LaLoggia provides the tools and insights sharp investors need to uncover ready-to-perform stocks—and walks the reader step-by-step through the process of identifying and selecting these stocks before they break out to become true Superstocks.Whether sniffing out prime consolidation candidates or spotting takeover candidatesin multiple-bidder situations, The Superstock Investor provides every clue active investors need to find the best in undervalued stocks. Readers can follow Charles LaLoggia’s systems and guidelines for:• Spotting the Top 9 Takeover Clues• Ways the media reveal Superstocks• Using charts to find and analyzeundervalued companies

From the Back Cover

Proven Strategies to Spot Companies Poised to Climb 40%, 140%, or More–in Any Type of Market!

Superstock–A stock which has the potential to rise significantly in price because of a specific potential event–which will literally force the stock higher.

Charles LaLoggia has published his well-regarded investment newsletter for more than a quarter-century. In that time, he has acquired a well-deserved reputation for giving his readers undervalued, out-of-favor companies on the brink of becoming stars–stocks poised to potentially double in price!

In The Superstock Investor, LaLoggia tells you how he does it, and provides you with an entirely new way of pulling highly accurate stock leads from seemingly insignificant financial news. He explains how to see the telltale signs of a stock that is poised to shoot up–not “over the years” but practically overnight–including: * Dependable signals to identify the difficult-to-detect “Pure Play” stock * Top 9 takeover clues–and how they crop up time and time again * How charts can help you uncover and analyze undervalued companies that are about to become superstocks

Is it easy? Will it work on every stock? Of course not. But one thing is certain: Advice and guidelines in The Superstock Investor will dramatically increase your chances of finding undiscovered superstocks on the verge of breaking out–and climbing on board to consistently lock in market-beating returns.

“There are a number of events, or ‘catalysts,’ which can force a stock that is trading at undervalued levels to move instantly closer to its true value as a business.”

–From the Introduction

The markets are filled with solid stocks that have yet to be discovered by the mainstream of analysts and investors. For any number of reasons–erratic recent earnings, unexciting growth prospects, or other nonvalue considerations–these companies are underpriced in relation to their intrinsic value. They can bump along for years without investors driving up their stock price to fully valued levels.

Occasionally, though, events happen that leave the markets no choice but to value these stocks near, at, or even above their intrinsic values. These events–takeover bids, spin-offs, stock buybacks, or other catalysts–often leave surprisingly accurate clues and signs they are about to occur.

The Superstock Investor describes how to see and interpret these clues, and add stocks to your portfolio just before they become “superstocks.” It explains what makes a superstock–and what makes it different from other undervalued stocks–then outlines the tools needed to uncover these market-beating stocks and detect the signs that they are about to surge higher.

Using plainspoken language and unequivocal honesty, Charles LaLoggia–the original superstock investor–and Cherrie Mahon discuss: * Actual examples of superstocks that went undiscovered by traditional analysts–but garnered great returns for tuned-in investors after receiving takeover bids * Decision-making and behavior patterns that generally emerge when an undervalued company is a target–or is thinking of putting itself up for sale * Where to look in business and financial media for vital clues and information on impending superstocks and potential takeover targets

The Superstock Investor paints an entirely convincing portrait of today’s “inefficient” market, one in which everyday human emotions–pride, greed, jealousy, arrogance, and just plain lack of common sense–are more important to stock prices than actual intrinsic value. It shows how, in the past quarter-century of bull markets, bear markets, recessions, and other financial environments, single events or series of events have more often than not led to substantial price jumps generated by takeover bids.

Certain stocks in any market will march to their own drummer, apart from the daily emotional winds that buffet and drive the overall market. Let The Superstock Investor show you how to read the signs all around you to locate these stocks, make them part of your portfolio, then see the superstock catalysts for what they are–dramatic and proven predictors of impending stock rises.


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