The Trading Method That Can Make You Rich


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Roy Kelly

Book : The Trading Method That Can Make You Rich

The Trading Method That Can Make You Rich”, is the Number One most reviewed book this year reports Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES.

Trend Pro, expert trader, professional lecturer, highly skilled software developer, and author; describes his most successful trading techniques and strategies in his newest book. With his software, Trend Pro has created a power-driven trading approach that has proven to be a highly valuable approach for trading any and all markets including the FOREX market.

The tactics that Trend Pro has spent the last 30 years developing are demonstrated to the reader in a thorough and illuminating manner, he even includes descriptive charts and graphs to make the information easier to follow, and to implement. The expertise and knowledge that Trend Pro has accumulated over more than 3 decades is compiled in an exceptionally easy to understand format, one that every trader will find enlightening.

No matter what type of trader you are, or what type of market you prefer to trade, “The Trading Method That Can Make You Rich”, is the only book that you will ever really need to become a triumphant trader. Trend Pro gives helpful advice based on his experiences with an untold array of tradable markets. The methods in Roy’s book, and the indicators he has designed work equally well with all markets. After reading and applying the helpful advice contained in this book, it is extremely unlikely that you will ever have another unpleasant trading day.

“The Trading Method That Can Make You Rich”, is without question the most all-encompassing book ever written on the realistic principles and functions of trading or investing in the market.

This book was written with the intention of alleviating a tremendous amount of stress and hard work for the traders’ coming along behind him. By providing this information for you, he gives you the advantage of more than 30 years of trial and error, process of elimination, and learning as you go experience. By reading this book, you can avoid all of that for yourself, and just get right into the market and start earning money.

The knowledge contained in “The Trading Method That Can Make You Rich”, will make your trading experiences easier, more profitable, and more enjoyable.

By reading this book, you will achieve the ability to enhance your comprehension and perception of the fundamental elements and “behind the scenes” nuances of trading. This knowledge will enhance your skills for lucrative trading and investing.

You will learn how to:

  • Take Advantage Of Buy And Sell Areas That Elude Most Traders
  • Enter A Trade Before The Occurrence Of Major Market Moves
  • Lower Your Entry Risk
  • Identify Highly Profitable Entry Levels
  • Understand How Every Market Works
  • Discover How An Accomplished Trader Really Thinks
  • Identify Strong And Fragile Trends
  • Take Positions Before Major Moves Happen
  • Place Stops For Maximum Profit And Minimum Risk
  • Use Very Effective Trend Following Techniques
  • Recognize The Fundamental Action And Reaction In The Market
  • Determine Your Profit Targets Before Market Action
  • Create A Money-Making Trading Plan
  • Utilize The Best Oscillators Available
  • Buy And Sell Entries Unfamiliar To The Majority Of Traders
  • Understand Why Most Traders Lose Money
  • Combine Leading And Lagging Indicators
  • Improve Trading Performance With An Automated Trading Approach
  • Plus Much More…

The methods that Trend Pro describes in his book, don’t have to be utilized strictly with his own developed software indicators, they can and will work just as effectively with any other charting software or no software at all. In fact, if you chose to go with the bare essentials for your trading practices, all you would need is a pen, a chart showing what is being traded in your preferred market, and of course a phone or internet connection.

Trend Pro has written an excellent book that many people just like you have found useful, enjoyable, and educational. Don’t you want to reap the benefits of his experience?

“The Trading Method That Can Make You Rich”, is by far the most complete book of trading I’ve read to date; I simply can not put it down. Again, thank you, I look forward to seeing you in Los Angles at your upcoming seminar.” “Best Regards”, J.S. US Marine, Ret., Mayor, Xenia, OH.

“It was a wonderful book, giving lot’s of trading information. I enjoyed the last part of the book with the trading examples. It is an excellent book that explains very clearly how to enter, and exit trades with confirming the entry/exits…” B.C. — San Francisco, CA

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“The Trading Method That Can Make You Rich”.



Chapter 1 – The Beginning

  • Laying a Good Foundation
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Trading
  • Developing A Trading Plan

Chapter 2 – The Evolution of Theories

  • Form Dow To Now
  • Fibonacci Analysis
  • Dow Theory
  • Gann’s Theories
  • Elliott Wave Theory
  • Gartley Theory
  • Kelly Theory

Chapter 3 – Trading Indicators

  • Leading Indicators
  • Lagging Indicators
  • Moving Averages

Chapter 4 – Trading Method

  • Understanding Different Trading Methods
  • Understanding Theories & Different Terms
  • Chart Patterns
  • Head and Shoulders
  • Double bottoms and tops
  • Trend Lines
  • Trend Line Breakouts
  • Triangle Breakout Failure
  • Trend Line Channels
  • Divergence
  • Fibonacci Support
  • Fibonacci Resistance

Chapter 5 – Cycles

  • Cycles and Swing Points
  • Identifying Swings & Turn Points

Chapter 6 – The Waves of the Market

  • Identifying Different Waves

Chapter 7 – Filtering Waves

  • Measuring the Waves
  • Reversal Signal
  • Completing the Wave

Chapter 8 – Advanced Long Entry

  • The Principle
  • Long Entry
  • Critical Price
  • Long Entry Stop
  • Long Profit Target
  • Expanded Profit Target

Chapter 9 – Advanced Short Entry

  • The Principle
  • Short Trades
  • Short Entry Stop
  • Short Entry Profit Target
  • Critical Price
  • Expanded Profit Target

Chapter 10 – Innovative Methods Revealed

  • Advanced Methods
  • Scaling Out
  • Adaptive Re-Entry Technique
  • Reversing A Position
  • Position Sizing
  • Equalization Balance Points

Chapter 11 – Trading Patterns

  • Identify Tradable Patterns
  • Dow Pattern
  • Divergence
  • Head & Shoulders
  • Double Bottom/Double Top
  • Trend Line Breaks
  • Floor Support & Resistance

Chapter 12 – Identifying Trend

  • Identification of Trend
  • Establishing Trend
  • Reviewing Trend Reversals
  • Reviewing Trend

Chapter 13 – Time Tested Methods

  • Trading Patterns that have Endured

Chapter 14 – Viewing Trading Patterns

  • Reviewing Chart Patterns & Setups

Chapter 15 – The Real World

  • Trading Real-time, Real Money
  • Chart Patterns and Trading Techniques

Chapter 16 – Commencement Day

  • Developing Your Trading Skills



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