Timing Solutions for Swing Traders: Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis and Financial Astrology

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“This is the trading book of the year, not only forexperienced technical analysts but for seasoned traders who havebeen searching for just one good book that includes the essentialsplus some innovative ways to improve their trading results. Thebook offers new thoughts on building trading plans, enhancingclassic market indicators, and methods. Robert T.H. Lee has taken agiant step forward since he published Power Tools forTraders in 1997. The last part on Financial Astrologycontributed by Peter A. Tryde should be a special bonus, a newapproach to the study of technical analysis in recent years.”
—Teresa Wong/Blair, Earlthorn.com, Trading BooksSpecialist and Seminars Organizer

“As an investor, it is refreshing to come across a book thatcontains such a comprehensive overview of technical analysis andalso delves into an area not often considered, namely the influenceof astro-harmonics on the markets. It is well known that lunarcycles affect human behaviour. Extensive studies of data drawn fromstock markets around the world have confirmed this belief to be afact. One can, therefore, look at the stock market performance notonly as the manifestation of econo-financial outcomes, but also asa reflection of collective investor (human) behavior. Yet, fewbooks show how to use this known fact to our advantage! This bookfills that void with its significant studies of astro-financialinfluence on markets, combined with an extensive review oftechnical analysis and stock risk management tools. I highlyrecommend the book to all serious traders, analysts, andresearchers who are looking for new ways to improve their portfolioand trading performance.”
—Michael T. Kong, CEO, Ethico Enviro-Energy SolutionsCompany Ltd

“This book is a very useful introduction to the many basicconcepts and rules of technical analysis presented with clarity andeasy to follow examples. It also offers seasoned traders some newperspectives and useful techniques to achieve better tradingresults.”
—Lee Seng Lin, Consultant, Yu Ming InvestmentManagement Ltd

“As a retired investment broker, with more than thirty years ofexperience in the markets of Asia and Australasia, it is a delightto read a book that so well relates to the need nowadays to combinefundamental, technical, and astrological analysis—especiallysince 2008! Even experienced traders can learn a trick or two fromthis book and I think it will become a reference book formany.”
—Brian Dilworth


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Robert M. Lee

Book : Timing Solutions for Swing Traders: Successful Trading Using Technical Analysis and Financial Astrology 

A unique new approach to trading based on financial analysis andfinancial astrology

Timing Solutions for Swing Traders: Successful Trading UsingTechnical Analysis and Financial Astrology is a remarkable new book that introduces a revolutionary approach to non-day trading that combines the four basic dimensions of trend analysis—price patterns, volume, price momentum, and price moving averages—with a little financial astrology. Focusing on the essentials of technical analysis, the book is filled with examples of reliable indicators and formulas that traders can use to help develop their own styles of trading, specially tailored to their individual needs and interests.

Filled with real-life market examples to help you understand howto use the matrix of moving averages, how to apply different setsof time frame moving averages to form a trading decision, and howto determine the intermediate state of the market using the QueuingTheory (QMAC)—which dissects the interplay of long-termmoving averages and helps anticipate major support and resistancelevels—this book is packed with the information you need tomaximize your trading potential.

  • A dedicated trading guide for non-day traders
  • Incorporates examples and formulas to bring ideas to life
  • Presents an innovative new approach to trading that draws onthe four core dimensions—price patterns, volume, pricemomentum, and price moving averages—for analyzing trends

Innovative and practical, Timing Solutions for SwingTraders is a hands-on guide to applying a remarkable new approach to trading.


From the Inside Flap

If you’re like thousands of other traders, your busy schedulelimits your ability to monitor your investments. Unlike therapid-fire response of a day-trader, you may favor longer-termtrades, which can last from several days to several months.Timing Solutions for Swing Traders offers traders like you aguide for detecting trends and finding better ways to time yourtrades.

Timing Solutions for Swing Traders taps into the growingtrend of fusing technical analysis with cycle analysis andfinancial astrology. This unique resource covers the fourdimensions related to trend analysis—price patterns, volume,price momentum, and price moving averages—and providesguidance on how to decipher price trends and develop the mosteffective and profitable trading methods. The book also shows youhow to use financial astrology in lunar cycle trading, selectstocks with the best potential, and find the best time forprofitable trading.

Based on a simple and practical approach, Timing Solutionsfor Swing Traders offers a concise trading method that can takeswing traders to the next level. Filled with illustrative examples,it shows you how mechanical trading systems are designed and how astandard indicator can be incorporated into a system. The helpfulcharts reveal how to assess and analyze different kinds of marketscenarios.

This reliable resource skillfully covers the basic formulas usedin the Timing Solutions’ system and are designed to be incorporatedwith a trader’s personal trading method. Of particular interest isthe Queuing Theory (QMAC), which dissects the interrelationship oflong-term moving averages and helps traders to anticipate majorsupport and resistance levels.

Engaging and informative, Timing Solutions for SwingTraders clearly demonstrates how financial astrology can be combined with technical tools to give you an extra edge in timing market turns.


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