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Video Course : Total Fibonacci Trading – TradeSmart University

Total Fibonacci Trading students learn about the ancient mathematical golden ratio, and how it can be applied to stock price action to help predict future prices. This is an advanced class and assumes the student already has a solid understanding of trading terms and concepts. Day traders, futures traders, and currency traders will find this information particularly useful as intraday relationships are often important with Fibonacci tools.

The course is divided into eight sequential video lessons. In addition to the videos, students receive a notebook for following along to help apply the principles and increase competency and integration. By the end of the course students will feel great confidence in predicting the future based on the ever trustworthy golden ratio.

Class Breakdown

  • Introduction to Fibs
  • Focusing the Grid
  • Targeting
  • Angles and the X-Axis
  • Elliot Wave And Fibonacci
  • Trade Setups
  • Intraday Trading with Fibs
  • Putting It All Together with a Plan

Every trader must answer these two questions accurately:

  • – Where should the market be trading?
  • – Where should the market NOT be trading?

Just imagine how different your trades would be if you knew the answer to the two most important questions every single time!

What we are really talking about is the ability to recognize and respond to the market framework. Analysts have known for centuries that the financial markets work within a particular framework. Think of it this way: Say we’re in a 2yr rainy cycle on a large atmospherical level, therefore farmers are growing corn yields that are 50% over normal, which causes corn prices to plummet as supply overwhelms the market.

That’s a simple cycle, but it all began with a weather pattern. What you may not have known is that meteorologist have discovered that our weather patterns follow fibonacci ratios very closely! Look how a hurricane emulates a fibonacci spiral. In fact, everything with a growth and decay cycle can be related back to the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence.

Is it any wonder we can use fibonacci analysis to create an exceptionally focused market framework?! In fact, Leonardo Fibonacci first applied his ratio analysis to the market back in the 12th century. You might say we’ve got quite a track record of using Fibs to forecast market movements! Or, more specifically… forecasting where we should and should not be trading.

In Total Fibonacci Trading, you will learn the skills necessary to truly develop a laser focused perspective on market movements. Add certainty to your trades, and keep from getting into the pesky trades you should have avoided from the start. Set clearly defined price Entries, Targets and Stops and never second guess your analysis again. Finally, determine once and for all the duration of your trades as you forecast TIME as well as price! Never let your options run out of time again.

Total Fibonacci Trading will optimize your analysis and give you proven strategies to put more cash in your pocket!

Table of Contents

Title Attended Duration
Class 1 – Introduction to Fibonacci Trading
Part 1 – Introduction to Fibs 0h 10m
Part 2 – The Right Tool for the Right Job 0h 15m
Part 3 – Getting Started With Fibs 0h 15m
Part 4 – Golden Ratio 0h 14m
Part 5 – Establishing Ranges 0h 10m
Part 6 – Drawing Ranges 0h 11m
Part 7 – Homework 0h 4m
Class 2 – Fibonacci Ranges And Confluence
Part 1 – Quick Review 0h 13m
Part 2 – Focusing The Grid 0h 12m
Part 3 – Examples of Range Drawing 0h 8m
Part 4 – Confluence 0h 10m
Part 5 – Examples of Confluence 0h 11m
Part 6 – Homework 0h 5m
Class 3 – Targeting
Part 1 – Entry Targets 0h 13m
Part 2 – Targeting With Extensions 0h 5m
Part 3 – Profit Targets 0h 13m
Part 4 – Targeting Examples 0h 6m
Part 5 – Confluence Projections 0h 5m
Part 6 – Example of Confluence Projections 0h 9m
Part 7 – Homework 0h 3m
Class 4 – The X-Axis
Part 1 – Introduction to the X-Axis 0h 9m
Part 2 – The X-Axis 0h 9m
Part 3 – Fibonacci Time Zones 0h 11m
Part 4 – Time Zone Examples 0h 12m
Part 5 – Fibonacci Angles 0h 4m
Part 6 – Example of Fibonacci Angles 0h 3m
Part 7 – Homework 0h 1m
Class 5 – Fibonacci And Elliot Wave
Part 1 – The Basics of Elliot Wave 0h 13m
Part 2 – Wave Personalities 0h 12m
Part 3 – Fibonacci Relationships to Waves 0h 9m
Part 4 – Example of Drawing Waves with Fibonacci Analysis 0h 8m
Part 5 – Homework 0h 5m
Class 6 – Trade Setups
Part 1 – Introduction to Trade Setups 0h 9m
Part 2 – Trades Using Confluence 0h 11m
Part 3 – Example of a Confluence Setup 0h 11m
Part 4 – ABC Pattern 0h 4m
Part 5 – Example of ABC Pattern 0h 5m
Part 6 – Gartley Pattern 0h 14m
Part 7 – Homework 0h 2m
Class 7 – Fibonacci and Intraday Trading
Part 1 – Intraday Trading and Fractals 0h 11m
Part 2 – The 15 Minute Rule 0h 9m
Part 3 – Example of a 15 Minute Rule 0h 6m
Part 4 – Homework 0h 2m
Class 8 – Trading Plan
Part 1 – Fibs and the Anatomy of the Trade 0h 12m
Part 2 – Trade Optimization 0h 14m
Part 3 – Roadmap for Success 0h 22m
Introduction (2014) 2h 20m
Focusing the Grid (2014) 1h 30m
Focusing the Grid (Legacy – Includes Cycle Measurements) 2h 10m
Targeting (2014) 1h 57m
Timing your Trades Using Fibs
Angles and the X-Axis 2h 35m
Elliot Wave and Fib Extension
Elliot Wave And Fibonacci 1h 50m
Putting it All Together
Trade Setups (2014) 1h 36m
Intraday Trading with Fibs 2h 20m
Putting It All Together with a Plan (2014) 1h 58m
TSU Charts: Fibs Module 0h 6m

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