Traders World Digest Issue

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Carol Mull

Chris Kakasuleff

Chuck Carpinio

Granville Cooley

Gregory Meadors

Larry Jacobs

Norman Winski

Peter Pich

Robert Miner

Toby Crabel

W.D. Gann

Book : Traders World Digest Issue


1 – Using Gann with Astrophysics to Validate turning points By Hans Hannula, Ph.D..

2 – Beyond Gann: Biblical Cycles By Gregory Legrand Meadors

3 – The Gann Side of Fibonacci Numbers By Granville Cooley

4 – Gann and the Circle By Chris Kakasuleff

5 – Gann’s Pyramid And Fourth Factor Volume By Jim Purucker

6 – W. D. Gann and Astrology By Norman Winski

7 – Taking Gann, Elliott, and Fibonacci to the Bank By Robert Miner

8 – The U.S. Dollar and the Swiss Franc By Marcus Robinson

9 – Price Scales and the 45 Degree Angle By Peter A. Pich

10 – Gann’s Annual Forecasts Part l By Chuck Carpino

11 – Short-Term Market Forecasting via Astrology By Carol S. Mull

12 – Using Holography to Trade the Markets By Kevin K. LaRocca, CTA


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