Trading by Candlelight – Ryan Litchfield

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Video Course : Trading by Candlelight – Ryan Litchfield

Being able to confidently interpret the candlestick is key to learning to trade the stock market. In the Trading by Candlelight DVD series, Ryan Litchfield teaches students how to read candlestick patterns and use them to determine which direction a stock may be headed.

Veteran BetterTrades trading education coach Ryan Litchfield can show you how to add the practical application of candlesticks to your trading program. Blending Eastern and Western trading styles can provide a new field of vision for today’s trader.

In this 4-DVD series, you will learn how to:

• Recognize the frequency and accuracy of the patterns
• Define long days, short days, inside days and outside days
• Measure and understand the sentiment of a stock’s traders
• Discover short-term behavior that may indicate a reversal
• Learn the specific rules that accompany each pattern

An authority in the field of candlesticks, Ryan is co-author of the trading book “Candlestick Charting Explained,” which required him to research millions of candlesticks scenarios. Ryan’s wealth of experience as an instructor can be a significant asset to students who truly desire to use and apply the power of candlesticks.


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