Trading the Fast Moves for Maximum Profit


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William Mclaren

Ebook: Trading the Fast Moves for Maximum Profit

Run Time: 86 minutes. Getting in – or out – of the market at the precise moment is a trading “art.” Now, veteran trader and Gann expert Bill McLaren shows you how to master this vital art form in a fast-paced new workshop.

This renowned technical analyst shows:

  • How the markets set up to trigger fast moves
  • How to recognize when this will occur
  • How to make the most money – in the shortest amount of time
  • How to recognize trends
  • And – most importantly – how to analyze and apply price/volume data

Covering virtually every aspect of trend analysis, McLaren’s groundbreaking presentation defines the three primary types of trends, and illustrates how to determine with accuracy whether the trends are starting or ending. And, he puts it all in the context of the often elusive – but highly effective – Gann Theory. Considered one of the world’s renowned Gann authorities, Bill demonstrates how to apply basic Gann analysis to…

  • Recognize whether trends are accelerating or stalling out
  • Boost trade profitability by using counter-trends to gauge the strength & momentum of trends
  • Interpret trendlines to determine support & resistance levels
  • Combine Gann analysis with Elliott Wave Theory to refine trading moves
  • Learn when to take profits… when to re-enter a trade… & so much more.


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